Hey hey, it’s been a while since my last blog entry. I’ve finished uni now and what have i been doing with all my free time you ask? Haha, well aside from going clubbing then spending the next day recovering, then going out the next day/night, and then another day of rest – which seems to be the recurring pattern right now – my mind has been totally consumed by the taiwanese idol drama Down With Love (就想賴著妳) and everything that relates to it, that is: Jerry Yan, Ella Chen and the cute onscreen and most importantly OFFscreen couple that they make.

I think some of my friends may think i’m going a bit cuckoo and overboard with my new obsession, but actually i have a good rationale behind it all.

Actually my obsession is not so much with the drama but more with Jerry and Ella themselves, they have netizens buzzing and cheesing about their relationship – especially in their offscreen interactions which can be seen through behind-the-scenes footage and various DWL promotional events and non-promotional events (i.e. SHERO event where Jerry made an appearance to surprise Ella), Jerry is not known for pulling publicity stunts and rarely does promotional events for his dramas, so the SHERO event gave Jerry fans a shock. It is events and behaviours such as these that have lead me along with many others to believe that there must definitely be something going on between the two. Sure some may say they’re just really really good friends, BUT do good friends hold hands at every opportunity? Or sit with their legs over each other? [Ella sat with her leg over Jerry’s lap… really near his crotch and he simply placed his hand on top of her leg and kinda stroked/patted/caressed it o__O] I mean their interactions are just a bit TOO close.

There’s so many other things i can list out, but for fear of sounding like a total crazy hyped fan i shall leave the other observations for next time hehe.

[major spoilers coming up if you haven’t seen the ending yet]

Anyways, Down With Love’s finale aired on the Sunday that just passed. It was a bittersweet moment for fans, we all wanted to see how everything turns out but were also sad to see the series end. To be honest whilst there were some sweet moments, i can’t help but feel a bit empty and disappointed by the ending. It felt a bit rushed, and i thought the whole ‘6 years later’ thing was a bit unnecessary, or more like i’d rather have seen something like Ping-Guo’s wedding and then they cut to what happens a year or two later. I must add that Ping-Guo’s kid looked too old to be just 5 years old, i swear he looked at least 7 or 8, i mean Xiao Xiao Bin (who plays Yu Ting) is actually 5 years old.. so how the heck are we meant to believe that PG’s kid is actually 5? Kinda silly really. Actually really bummed that we didn’t get to see Yu Fei and Yu Ting make another appearance… also hate how we’re left hanging with the Ke Zhong/Yang Duo/Zi Hao relationship… i mean after 6 years YD would surely have given up if she couldn’t get KZ’s heart right? But KZ showed signs of -albeit slight- jealousy when YD was talking to ZH, however that is the only bone they threw us… seriously would have preferred it if they wrapped up that story line, though i suppose it could lead way for a sequel but then again having YG pop out two kids kinda closes the door on that a bit, i mean what else is there to show if they’ve already started the family right?

But yeah a lot of people thought that the ending could have done a lot better, i was just disappointed especially after the good material they had in episode 15, was really expecting episode 16 to drive me into a hyper overload state. However, must say that the proposal scene was very touching and sweet and i especially loved the scene where YP was buying the engagement ring, the things he said to the saleswoman melted me hehe.

Now that it’s over though, we get to see what happens between J&E in real life. We’re anticipating the S.H.E taipei concert and the HK DWL promotions in july.

Anyways for anyone who actually bothered to read through all of that, in the words of Yang Guo – I love you so muchy ^__^. I promise i’ll be back to regular blog posts soon =)

♥ Veronica ~x




I’ve started watching 就想賴著妳 (Down With Love) and i’m totally 100% addicted [thanks Mei! LOL]. It actually puts me through a rollercoaster of emotions, it makes me laugh and cry. Yeah seriously i cry at even the slightest sad parts =\ yes i know i’m weird like that, but i always tend to get very moved by dramas, i think i just get too into it whilst watching [ i mean i also cried whilst watching The Lakehouse the other day so yeah…]

I’ve never really paid much attention to F4 i mean i have a few of their songs but thats about it but omg after watching this i totally love Jerry Yan! Never really noticed how hot he was until now hahaha xD, i think i like him even more simply because he’s paired with Ella! I kinda went through an Ella fangirl phase when i first discovered S.H.E., actually she’s still my fave member out of the three, this drama just made me remember why i became a fan in the first place.

So yeah i’m now utterly in love with and totally shipping the Jerry/Ella relationship. They are seriously way too cute in real life! Hm… i sense i will obsessing over these two for a while so bear with me and all my fangirl-ness haha, there is definitely more rambling to come!

I have the urge to go make super cute avatars/banners/wallpapers of them lol… damn i wish i had PSP on my mac, i kinda hate the mac version of PS, and i’ve always preferred PSP. Hopefully i’ll still be obsessed when i finally move home and i’ll use the programs on my pc, plus there’s really good brushes and textures on my pc. I really should transfer them onto my mac lol.

Ok off to watch another episode before i sleep… really trying to pace myself cos i don’t want it to end!

♥ Veronica ~x


So last Thursday i had my final exam, and i am now officially finished with university and oh-so-free ^__^.  Though the down side to finishing this early – besides having to do all my exams within the first week of the exam period – is that none of my friends are finished yet and i have to wait around for everyone else to finish up with exams. I haven’t celebrated the end of the year properly yet, so i am looking forward to when everyone finally finishes!

Because of this, i was already bored on my first day of freedom. Spent that Friday mostly just rotting away in my room, but since i was finally allowed to sleep,  i slept for ages and woke up quite late which helped the day pass a bit more quickly. Decided to go home on Friday night since there really wasn’t anything to do at uni, and i felt the need to get out of that room and that place so much. Just needed to get away from Brunel for a while since i had been in my room just revising non-stop for the past month or so.

And i also started to move some of my stuff back home, i have so much stuff at uni i think it may take two car trips for me to move out lol! So far i’ve just cleared out my wardrobe of all the winter clothes and taken them home, and also my textbooks. My textbooks alone filled up a whole (albeit small) suitcase and i still have 4 textbooks left to pack. I really don’t understand how i’ve managed to have so much stuff in that room, not too sure where it’s all going to go when i move everything back home.

But being home feels really good, haven’t really done much apart from watching tv and sleeping. In fact i’ve been sleeping a record amount, it’s probably just my body going into R.E.M. rebound or something, catching up on all the SWS and R.E.M. sleep i’ve missed the past 2 weeks. Ha… i guess i did learn something from all that revision on Sleep and Dreaming afterall.

♥ Veronica ~x