So last Thursday i had my final exam, and i am now officially finished with university and oh-so-free ^__^.  Though the down side to finishing this early – besides having to do all my exams within the first week of the exam period – is that none of my friends are finished yet and i have to wait around for everyone else to finish up with exams. I haven’t celebrated the end of the year properly yet, so i am looking forward to when everyone finally finishes!

Because of this, i was already bored on my first day of freedom. Spent that Friday mostly just rotting away in my room, but since i was finally allowed to sleep,  i slept for ages and woke up quite late which helped the day pass a bit more quickly. Decided to go home on Friday night since there really wasn’t anything to do at uni, and i felt the need to get out of that room and that place so much. Just needed to get away from Brunel for a while since i had been in my room just revising non-stop for the past month or so.

And i also started to move some of my stuff back home, i have so much stuff at uni i think it may take two car trips for me to move out lol! So far i’ve just cleared out my wardrobe of all the winter clothes and taken them home, and also my textbooks. My textbooks alone filled up a whole (albeit small) suitcase and i still have 4 textbooks left to pack. I really don’t understand how i’ve managed to have so much stuff in that room, not too sure where it’s all going to go when i move everything back home.

But being home feels really good, haven’t really done much apart from watching tv and sleeping. In fact i’ve been sleeping a record amount, it’s probably just my body going into R.E.M. rebound or something, catching up on all the SWS and R.E.M. sleep i’ve missed the past 2 weeks. Ha… i guess i did learn something from all that revision on Sleep and Dreaming afterall.

♥ Veronica ~x


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