This Is It!

So this morning i woke up at 8am so that i could be on time for a library session that started at 9 and then i had a lecture frim 10-11am.  I really do loathe early mornings. I have another early morning tomorrow, need to wake up around half 7 and its nearly 1am so i’m gonna try and keep this short and sweet.


Anyways i went with my friend to see the film Michael Jackson’s This Is It today (which was at 11.30am btw, i dont think i’ve ever been to the cinema that early in the day!), i wouldnt say it was spectacular, but the word “good” doesn’t quite do it justice. I guess it was on par to being great? I loved how it revealed what a great person MJ was, he is was dedicated to his music and was really hands on with everything and literally knew every tone and beat of his songs off by heart so he would instantly recognize when something was off. I’ve always been a fan of his music and a bit skeptical about Michael himself, especially with all the bad media focusing on his personal life. But i suppose we cant always take what’s in the media at face value, there’s always two sides to a story. But i really do believe he was immensely talented and i don’t care what his personal life was like and it really is none of our business anyways, i guess what i’m trying to say is that we should look past all of that and just celebrate this truly talented man and his legendary musical career which is truly an inspirational one.

I think everyone should go and see it if you have the chance to, it’s only in the cinemas for 2 weeks, so get booking your tickets! On that note, i’m off to catch some zzZ’s and tomorrow shall bring another blog if i survive another early day. So much for having wednesdays and thurrdays off, huh? I guess there’s just no rest for the wicked =P

Goodnight and sweet dreams

♥ Veronica ~x


Glee-ful ^__^

Ok so i am totally in LOVE with the new TV-show Glee! Being a massive musical fan, i’m really glad that there is finally a musical tv drama! I’m totally in love with the fact that they use show tunes from actual theatrical musicals, maybe the love of musicals will spread within my generation now (haha this makes me sound so old!). I’m really tired of all the High School Musical crap that kids seem to be into these days, yes i realise Glee still focuses around the lives of highly stereotyped high school kids, but in my mind it still trumps HSM.


If you haven’t been watching it i demand suggest that you start watching now! =P. I wish this was airing in the UK, though according to wikipedia it will come to the UK next year on E4! ^__^

Anyways, i’m off to watch another episode of Glee and you should do it too =D.

Proud Gleek Veronica ~x

Its been a sucky day

So my mood seems to be perpetually spiraling in a downwards fashion. Little things just keep building up, and im so tired of it all.

Today i finally got an email from my 2nd dissertation supervisor and the response was really less than satisfactory. I also went to see my main supervisor to look over my ethics application, she basically said that i didnt do it right or have enough detail and was really unhelpful. This whole dissertation is really stressing me out and it hasn’t even really begun yet.

Of course it would be stupid to be upset over two such trivial matters, but i think its just added fuel to my unhappy mood lately. I really don’t know what it is. I’m still affected by something that happened nearly a whole year ago and i wont be ale to readily get rid of these demons in my head until i leave Brunel. Its just under a year until i graduate, and while on one hand i can’t wish for it to come any sooner, i also dread the journey ahead between now and graduation. With the added workload it seems like such a long journey, and if this was September last year it wouldn’t seem that bad to me since i knew that i would have friends to be there and take my mind off things, even if it was for a while. But so much has changed in the last year, i’ve come to realise who my real friends are and it saddens me that my real friends are spread all over the country in different unis, or have graduated from Brunel already.

I feel like i’m all alone this year, and its not a good feeling. I guess i’m already living out my greatest fear.

♥ Veronica ~x

A New Beginning ~

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! By no means am i new to the world of blogging, but i haven’t blogged in around 3 years now so i’m a bit rusty.

I guess this place will just be filled with my ramblings, rants, and random thoughts. I do have a lot of obsessions as you will soon find out ^__^, and i will also be updating with some graphics that i make from time to time, these will mostly be avatars of my current obsessions etc which hopefully some of you will be fellow obsessors of =P.


Oh yeah i thought i should mention that i’m Veronica (aka crystal). Some of you may know me from my previous personal website/blog called Beyond Destiny, the fansites ( and or the various fanlistings etc i made mainly of TVB artists. It’s really been a while since i last associated myself with any type of website making, but its really something i miss doing so if i ever find the spare time i’m going to brush up on my html, so watch this space!

I have to say i have grown up alot since my fansite days so i am probably way less of a fangirl now than i was back then, i doubt i will ever make another fansite as its just too time consuming, but hopefully i will have another personal site running one day.

Anyways sorry for the long intro, i hope you’ll enjoy my randomness xD and stay tuned ^__^

♥ Veronica ~x