Making Websites

Wow it’s been a while since i last blogged, it seems like i have no time for other things other than revision these days. I really can’t wait for it all to be over, just under two weeks now!

But yeah, the other night i discovered that there was a web archive of my now non-existent domain, i stopped renewing it back in 2008 as i basically neglected to update it for a whole year. I started uni back in 2007 and just didn’t have the time to maintain it anymore. So i looked though the web archive and most of the pages were preserved, even the layouts i made for the different sections of the website and looking through it, it made me realise how much i actually miss the world of  ‘webdesigning’/website making. During those 3/4 years of my life i actually made some awesome friends who also made websites (i should mention that mine was actually a fansite for a hong kong celebrity), checking back now it seems like we all abandoned our sites back in 2007/2008, i guess it’s because we were all around the same age and all headed off to university/college after the summer of 2007. It’s weird to think back how i used to be such good friends with these people, we would have msn conversations that lasted hours and hours everyday, and now we’ve all stopped contact. I guess it’s strange how one thing can bring people together?

Anyways, i guess what i’m trying to say is that i really want to get back into that world. Though i don’t know if i would actually maintain it if i got another domain, it could be a major waste of my money but at the same time i think it’s always been something that’s lingered at the back of my mind, it’s hard to give up a hobby that’s taken up a considerable amount of time in my life. Fansites are fun to make and maintain and you meet so many people who are passionate about the same thing as you, but it took so much time and effort to maintain, i’m not really sure i could dedicate myself in that way again. Plus in the last 3 years i’ve grown up and my obsessions and interests have changed, i’m not the same fangirl who used to google images and news about my obsessions everyday.

Having said that, i’m seriously considering maybe getting a personal website. works like a charm at times but at other times i wish i had something more customizable. Though i think before i can do all that i’ll have to go away and brush up on my html and css skils, not to mention my psp/ps skills, it’s been a while since i’ve made anything in photoshop/psp.

If anyone cares, here’s the link to the web archive, i was pretty damn good at it even if i do say so myself =P.

[the link takes a while to load… but yeah do take a look if you have the time :), and ignore all the spam adverts/links i think spammers somehow got into my cutenews feed and put them there]


Easter Break

It’s Easter so i’ll start off by wishing you all a Happy Easter =)

My Easter has been kinda boring to be honest, i’m stuck in my dorm room revising all day and on top of that i’m ill. It’s probably not the most healthy thing to be stuck in a small room with my own microbes or whatever lol. I’ve had no easter chocolate or any chocolate of any form which just makes everything suck even more.

I’m actually a whole week behind my revision schedule and being ill has just slowed me down, i’m just constantly tired and the meds probably don’t help since i’m pretty sure some of them make me drowsy. I’ve managed to do 2 and a half lectures within a week and a half, and it’s really not gonna cut it. I’m going at such a worryingly slow pace, but at the same time i don’t seem particularly fazed by it.

I hate Brunel for being so inefficient. Our petition to get the exam timetable changed didn’t work out, though it was the outcome i expected anyways and to be honest i would be able to suck it up and deal with it but i didn’t expect myself to fall ill during easter break, it’s just such an inconvenience and has really hindered my progress since i spent 2 days just sleeping.

I really hope this cold/flu/cough thing goes away soon cos i can’t afford to fall behind any more than i am. I also wish i was at home, but then again i’d probably get even less work done back home. So if i’m wishing for things, i’d wish it was summer already.

♥ Veronica ~x