Let’s party like it’s 2012

…or not. So it’s been a while since i’ve written a new entry… well actually that’s sort of a lie since there are some unpublished ones lol but it’s a new year, so thought it’s about time to post something.

New year, new start! Quite fancy the idea of starting a new blog, but i also can’t bear the thought of losing this blog and letting it die. Anyways, before i forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Since my last entry, i’ve started studying for a Masters course in Child Psychology. It’s given back some structure to my life. Been up early in the morning like every other “normal” person, and sleeping early-ish, well before 2am. I actually don’t get much sleep on this course due to the sheer volume of work i have to do. I now find myself constantly reading articles, any spare time i have is spent either in reading or printing off the articles that need to be read. I’m actually rather worried that i may end up needing glasses after this course is over!

Anyways, the course is not going too badly. Everything is going pretty well, minus the stress of completing assignments and one rather annoying classmate (but more about that person in another post). I do hate how i’ve hardly had a christmas break though, thought i could finally take a well earned rest but i have an essay, a lab report, a research proposal, an ethics proposal due and two exams to prepare for before the month of January is even over! So basically have spent my whole break working away, albeit at a slow pace because i keep getting distracted.

Anyways, should probably have used the time spent on typing this entry on writing my essay! But, this year i shall try and make this blog more active again! Post on new year’s resolutions to follow XD.

♥ Veronica ~x