~London Eye~

Sunday 29th November 2009, 8pm, London Eye

It was raining all day, but the scenic night view was breathtaking nonetheless .

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It truly has been a long day. Woke up at 8am this morning to go to Oak Farm School for more recruiting. Bus was late, so didn’t even get there until 9.45am, actually met my colleague Silvan on the bus haha, so yeah we were both late. It was a slow morning there, well for us anyways, by the time we got there we had missed a lot of the mothers already, but we still managed to get 7 names so i guess it wasn’t too bad. When the session finally ended, we had to ctch the bus again to get back to uni, as we were approaching the gate we saw the bus approaching so we started to walk faster but we realised it had already passed the bus stop, then one of the most hilarious things happened (according to Silvan anyways…) i saw another U2 coming around the corner and shouted out “that one!” whilst pointing at it, then we both ran as fast as we could to the bus stop, now that i type it out it doesn’t seem as funny, but at the time we both burst out into a fit of laughter once we got on the bus lol.

Anyways, we got back and Silvan headed to the lab to put the names into the database and i went back to my halls to eat lunch. Since Silvan had a lecture at 1pm, i said i would go in around 1pm and call up the mothers etc., and asked my other colleague Tarana to go to the afternoon session at the health centre. I ended up staying in the lab/office for 3 hours just calling up mothers and trying to book them in and also trying to get parking permits. This actually feels like a job without the perks of actual pay. Its just so tiring and unfulfilling, i think its because i mostly resent that our supervisor(s) is making us do all the work for THEIR research grant. They expect us to do everything, but we don’t always have the tools to do so. We would be so much more efficient if they just gave us all the info we need to do things and gave us access to everything. Having to email/contact them for little things is tiring, especially waiting for a reply from them. I really hope things get better soon, like once the experiments start running smoothly etc. cos right now i really don’t feel motivated at all about this dissertation. its just too draining, all this work and its only the beginning of things. I really think i’m coming to the end of my tether, and the fact that i also have to do two essays for the end of term is really stressing me out. Its like i haven’t had proper sleep in the past month. Haii~

Anyways, as i was finishing up in the office, got a call from my mum asking me if i wanted to come home tonight or tomorrow, since tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled. My original plan was to do some of my essay tonight then get some proper sleep and have a lie-in tomorrow and then work on my essay all day and get picked up at night. But when my mum called, she also mentioned that my grandma and cousin were at our house, visiting my grandma. I ended up deciding to go home tonight, i just felt like i really needed to be home and in my own bed after an exhausting wednesday and thursday, and i felt like i needed to get out of Brunel.

So after finishing up i quickly popped into the campus store to get a few things, then headed back to my room and quickly vacuumed the floor then washed my hair and packed my stuff ready to go home. When my mum got here, my grandma and cousin came with her and we decided to go eat dinner at Nandos. It was a nice end to an otherwise extremely draining day.

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So on Monday i went to the airport with my mum and my auntie to collect my grandma and cousin. They landed at 16.15pm but it took them ages to come out! After waiting and waiting and more waiting, we finally spotted them, and headed to my other auntie’s house to dump their stuff.

We then made a quick move to a restaurant for dinner since we knew my grandma and cousin must have been tired and hungry. We took them to our favourite Kor/Jap restauarant K&J in New Malden. My grandma loved the gold california roll we ordered, since she really loves eating tobiko. This restaurant is really generous when it comes to tobiko and gave us  loads of it, my grandma was so delighted by this because she said back in malaysia they only give you a tiny tiny amount of it, and that it isnt as fresh in malaysia.

Grandma falling asleep whilst waiting for food to come

Me and my cousin, she looks fobby right? haha we both preferred this non-flash version xD

After dinner we dropped them back at my auntie’s house and stayed for a bit. My cousin ended up falling asleep on the sofa in a really weird position haha, i wish i took a photo of it, it was so funny. It was really nice to see them again since i haven’t been back to malaysia for 2 and a half years now, my little cousin is not so little anymore and has grown so much taller! She’s only 12 but is at my shoulders already, she clearly takes after my uncle who is super tall and will probably end up taller than me one day hehe.

Later that night my parents took me back to uni, i really wish i didn’t have to come back since i would much prefer to spend my time with my cousin and grandma. They all went out for lunch, shopping and dinner on tuesday and visited Richmond park on wednesday, i really wish i could have gone with them, since they’re only here until 30th december  and i wont get to see them much since i can only go home during the weekends =.=. I never knew i would miss my little cousin so much, its actually kinda a new feeling for me, its sorta odd. She annoys me to no end sometimes, but i miss talking to her, its really weird.

But nevermind, i will be seeing them this weekend, so will try and make the best out of the little time i get to spend with them. Anyways, must sign off now, need to go and do more recruiting tomorrow since it’s thursday again!

Goodnight world,

♥ Veronica ~x

All things new~

This entry is part site update and part blog.

You may have noticed the new music player i’ve added, it kinda refuses to start playing automatically, despite me adding the short code, so i’ve pretty much given up on that but i guess it works out for the best since background music can be annoying at times. I will be adding more songs to the playlist soon, but right now it plays “On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables, but this is the Glee version, sung by Lea Michele.

I’ve also opened the TRINKETS section, only avatars are up right now but i will be adding more bit by bit. I’ve added some Michelle Pfeiffer and Wicked icons, here’s a little taster:

Go to the trinket section to check all of them out =D

So today i woke up early to go yum cha with my family, we haven’t been in ages so it was a bit of a treat. This time we managed to order just the right amount of dim sum so we didn’t have to take any left overs home hehe, thats the thing with dim sum, everything looks small but it is actually quite filling. Anyways, as the title of the entry says, today has been about new things. After going yum cha we went to Kingston and finally bought my grandma a DAB radio because she could no longer listen to the Spectrum AM558 chinese radio show on our old radio due to the digital switchover. The radio has a CD player and an ipod dock! It looks so pretty i actually kinda want it for myself, though i probably wouldn’t actually use it since i have my ipod and ipod speakers and also my laptop to listen to music with. Plus i rarely listen to the radio anymore, i only listen to it when i’m in the car lol.

After buying the radio we had to head to the apple store in the bentalls centre since i booked an appointment at the genius bar to get my macbook looked at. The grey plastic bit around my macbook screen and keyboard top were starting to chip away for some reason, and since i bought the apple care plan i thought i’d see if they could do anything about it. Thankfully it was something that the care plan could cover and they fixed it there and then since they already had the parts in store. When it was done, i realised they actually changed the whole keyboard, so now my laptop looks brand new from the inside xD. The keyboard and touchpad feel really weird though because they have this “rough” feeling to it when its new, but since i’ve been using my macbook for just over two years now, the old keyboard’s plastic had kinda been worn down and turned shiny and smooth. But oh well, i’m not complaining since they gave me a new keyboard hehe, i’m actually really glad i bought the apple care plan, and i definitely recommend anyone who has a mac and doesnt have the care plan to get it. The care plan is for 3 years and it really does come in handy since you’re obviously gonna be using your mac for more than a year. I mean not long ago my charger went on the fritz and cos i had the apple care they just gave me a brand new charger, which without the plan would have cost me around £46 to buy a new one!

Got home and my uncle and my little cousins were at my house and so were my other aunt and uncle who come to visit my grandma every sunday. It was really nice to see my little cousins, my uncle comes down every month to see my grandma but i was uni when they came down last month, so i’m really glad i got to see them today otherwise the next time i see them would have been at christmas. Little kids actually grow up so fast! My little cousin Gemma is already 11 and just took her 11+ exam! Its kinda weird when i get to see my little cousins grow up, it feels like its too fast, especially the ones who have just about turned double figures, they seem so eager to grow up and it seems a bit scary, i’m just thinking “aww no, stay a kid a while longer”. I swear the childhood period is getting shorter these days. Also i feel so old, even though i’m only 20 haha. If everyone stayed being kiddies i wouldn’t feel so old xD.

Anyways tomorrow is another day and with it shall bring a new blog entry. So until then~

♥ Veronica ~x

In love with…

Ah i’ve missed blogging! I finally finished my essay and handed it in yesterday, and now maybe i’ll have some more time to blog more often haha. I forgot how addictive blogging could actually be.

This entry won’t go into anything too deep as i haven’t really had time for any deep, self-evaluating thoughts lately since the only thing that has been on my mind was the damn essay.  Well that’s not entirely true.

So i had such a random dream the other night, it was so weird and hard to explain? Haha, but long story short there were chinese celebrities in it… but the only one i remember is Moses Chan. And ever since i think my obsession with him has come back! I totally forgot how HOT he was!

As i said this entry is just gonna be a light-hearted one, so here’s a list of stuff that i’m currently in love with:

[x] Moses Chan
[x] Glee – just cheers me up so much
[x] Season 6 of Desperate Housewives – i swear it just keeps getting better
[x] Songs “Taking Chances” (Celine Dion) and “On My Own” (from musical Les Miserables)
[x] The rumor about Michelle Pfeiffer in a vampire movie! The idea alone excites me
[x] Blogging and reading people’s blogs xD

The list was longer in my head but i’ve kinda forgotten some of it, so yeah those are pretty much the obsessions in my head right now. Anyways, am currently packing my stuff to go home for the weekend, i think some TLC has been well earned and my grandma and cousin are coming over from malaysia on monday so will be going to collect them.  Anyways i think my parents will be here soon, so i’m signing off.

♥ Veronica ~x

Reading Week

So its my reading week, and i presume i’m actually meant to do work / “reading” during this time. For the past two years of my uni life i went home for the whole of reading week and never did anything lol, but then again i don’t recollect having any pressing deadlines back in first or second year during that time. Anyways, this reading week is no exception as i went back home on Friday night for a long weekend and also to attend my friend’s 17th birthday party.

I came back to campus on Tuesday night since i have to do that recruitment thing on Thursdays and also i thought i’d actually try and get some work done since my essay is due next Thursday! Eek! But yeah so far i haven’t really done much >.<. On wednesday i did a little bit of reading for the essay and wrote a few things down but then later that night i went over to my friend’s flat for dinner since it was our friend’s 21st birthday and then we all headed to Liquid for the night. It was really fun, just dancing away since i haven’t been clubbing in ages now. But after taking a shot one of my guy friends threw up and he ran all the way outside and threw up some more >.<. He was seen by two security guards and so they wouldn’t let him back inside, so our clubbing night ended at 12:30! Just slightly after an hour we arrived. But it was ok we headed back to my friend’s flat and played games and chatted for ages, and ended up playing Bomberman on her Wii until 4am! haha So yeah at 4am i was like “Oh crap, i need to get going” since i had to wake up at 8am to go recruiting.

So when i got back to my own room, i decided to check my email before sleeping. My supervisor sent me an email saying that she couldn’t go to the recruitment thing cos she fell and cracked her ribs and fractured her elbow, at which point i was just really unimpressed because the day before the girl who was meant to come recruiting with me sent me an email saying she couldn’t go because she had to do training in the morning and the guy we were working with had gone back to spain for reading week so i had to recruit all by myself this morning. Though the upside was that i could give myself a little bit of extra time in bed xD.

So yeah its been another exhausting Thursday, but the night is still young (yes i do realise its nearly 2am atm but meh, its still early for me =P) so i’m gonna try and type up the notes i have into an actual essay!  Hopefully i will get most of it done by the weekend so i wont be panicking over it on Wednesday night.

♥ Veronica ~x

Essays Essays Essays

Its been a while since my last blog, funny thing is i haven’t even been particularly busy, though i technically should be.

So on Monday the first set of essay questions for the psychology of ageing module was released. I didn’t even remember that they were going to be released until the early hours of tuesday night when i happened to click on the module link, thank god for that! The lecturer wanted us to prepare for Friday’s seminar session where we would discuss the questions, needless to say i actually had no clue how to tackle the question, the only preparation i did was go down to the library and take out the recommended books, i *did* attempt to read them… but it lasted about 5 minutes. The seminar was helpful in some ways, but i left the seminar still feeling clueless about the essay, i guess i’ll worry about it nearer the deadline, besides i have another essay to worry about at the moment.

YES i do indeed have to worry about this essay that’s due in for next next Thursday. Its like i constantly have to remind myself that this deadline is creeping up on me and that i really should start this damn essay. But its like i have zilch motivation. I really have no clue what is wrong with me, i just end up doing nothing all the time. I seriously need help i think. I mean i started the year thinking “okay, this is my final year in uni, i should keep on top of my work”. This lasted like 2 days, where i read the recommended chapters before the first lecture even began, i was so proud of myself, but since then i haven’t really done much at all. All this work is really depressing and the worrying thing is that the pressure doesn’t even seem to be getting to me. Its like the life has been sucked out of me or something. Its like i’m not even phased by anything, it’s like i don’t care about failing, though i obviously do care, but right now its like the furthest thing from my mind.

Actually i think that only time i actually did care was back in 6th form, i actually liked doing the work for psychology. I guess Brunel’s structure is just really boring me and not stimulating enough and i can’t really do anything about it. I didn’t even get my dissertation supervisor of choice which means i’m not doing my project on something that i’m truly interested and passionate about, but i really hope this wont get the better of me because god knows i need to do well with this dissertation. I guess you could call me a procrastinator, but the thing is, this feels like something beyond procrastination because procrastination is when you do other things instead of doing your work, this implies that you know you have work but don’t want to do it. But me, i know i have work, but its far from my mind and i’m just doing nothing. I really hope i get myself sorted out soon.

On a slightly happier yet still related note, it’s my reading week starting on Monday, so i came back home on Friday night. I wish i could stay home the whole week, but i have to be in to recruit infants for my dissertation on Thursday, so i have to head back on Tuesday night. Though i suppose this may be a good thing as i may actually do some work since i doubt i will get anything done at home. I miss being home, though i do come back quite often. Being home just helps to take my mind off certain things, even if the feeling is only for a short while.

Anyways i think i might actually attempt to do some reading for this essay since i actually have nothing better to do right now. I want to have done at least some work this weekend. *fingers crossed*.

Wish me luck!

♥ Veronica ~x