I’ve started watching 就想賴著妳 (Down With Love) and i’m totally 100% addicted [thanks Mei! LOL]. It actually puts me through a rollercoaster of emotions, it makes me laugh and cry. Yeah seriously i cry at even the slightest sad parts =\ yes i know i’m weird like that, but i always tend to get very moved by dramas, i think i just get too into it whilst watching [ i mean i also cried whilst watching The Lakehouse the other day so yeah…]

I’ve never really paid much attention to F4 i mean i have a few of their songs but thats about it but omg after watching this i totally love Jerry Yan! Never really noticed how hot he was until now hahaha xD, i think i like him even more simply because he’s paired with Ella! I kinda went through an Ella fangirl phase when i first discovered S.H.E., actually she’s still my fave member out of the three, this drama just made me remember why i became a fan in the first place.

So yeah i’m now utterly in love with and totally shipping the Jerry/Ella relationship. They are seriously way too cute in real life! Hm… i sense i will obsessing over these two for a while so bear with me and all my fangirl-ness haha, there is definitely more rambling to come!

I have the urge to go make super cute avatars/banners/wallpapers of them lol… damn i wish i had PSP on my mac, i kinda hate the mac version of PS, and i’ve always preferred PSP. Hopefully i’ll still be obsessed when i finally move home and i’ll use the programs on my pc, plus there’s really good brushes and textures on my pc. I really should transfer them onto my mac lol.

Ok off to watch another episode before i sleep… really trying to pace myself cos i don’t want it to end!

♥ Veronica ~x


One thought on “Jerella~

  1. hahaha lol v! omg ooo yer forgot to mention before
    海派甜心 is also really good. if you have nothing to do you should try watching that and 痞子英雄 haha. yer when i was watching 就想賴著妳 i had to blog about it as well, so good haha

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