It feels…

[this is just a repost of a post on my tumblr]

It feels so odd to see my cousin grow up. I don’t know why, but it slightly bothers me. Maybe it’s because i never thought they would turn out this way, doing things they really shouldn’t be. The problem is probably because in my mind, they will always be little to me. I guess it feels like as i watch them grow up, i’m witnessing the loss of their innocence, quite literally. Call it being a prude. Call it double standards. Whatever it is, it makes me uncomfortable.

I don’t have any siblings, so i guess my cousins are the closest thing i’ll get to that. I really wonder whether people with siblings feel this way when they look at their younger siblings…


Full circle… ish

I was looking through my past entries, and it doesn’t seem so long ago that i was feeling really lost about life, but it has been a whole year now. Since that entry i had applied to study a Masters in Child Psychology, and i’m nearly finished with the second term! How time really flies. To be honest, i’m still not too sure what i want to do, but at least my life has some sort of direction now. It’s that time of the year where i should really be looking into possible jobs and start applying for things, but i don’t even know where to begin! Unfortunately, my mind can’t focus past the assignments that i need to do now.

I feel like my whole Easter break has been a waste. I get two weeks of Easter, and then a reading week before i go back to having lectures. But this is already the middle of the second week of my Easter break, and i’ve only been out about 3 times, once to the cinema to see Hunger Games, then to a BBQ, and then dinner and drinks with friends in central. I haven’t done any work, so i really don’t know where all my time went! Though i was kind of unwell for about 5 days, and i spent most of those days just watching TV lol. But i can’t help but feel i have nothing to show for my Easter. It feels so weird, and to top it off, i actually have quite a bit of work to do >.<.

A stats test, a lab report, an essay, and revision to get done. Should probably end this post and start my work! lol. Wish me luck!

♥ Veronica ~x

Something to believe in

I really need something to believe in again. If i’m perfectly honest, i’m still clinging on to the belief that it’s possible . But, if i was wise, i’d grow up and see reality. We all need something to believe in, but my tears obviously tell me it is unwise of me to still believe. Maybe i’m just hoping, that in the end it will all culminate in to what i’ve been wishing for, and that it would have been worth the while. I’m still hopeful, and naively so. I’ll probably be naive for a bit longer.

♥ Veronica ~x