My blog looks as if i’ve abandoned it and that i only come back when i remember about it, but in reality those “empty” months aren’t lacking in entries at all. I just realised i have around 11 unplublished blog entries, some were never published because i started and forgot to finish, or they were too random and not ‘urgent’ enough. But the majority of them, i feel, are actually too personal to post.

I guess i have a real problem letting people know my problems. I much prefer to listen to other people’s problems and help them with it. I’d rather deal with my problems quietly and on my own, even when my world is quite literally crumbling down around me. I guess i’ve just not found anyone that i trust enough. Trust has to be well and truly earned, and my trust in people have been broken before. I don’t want to go through that again. I guess this means i may never have any truly close friends, but it’s okay. I still believe that one day, i will find someone i trust enough to tell them about the things that keep me up at night.

But right now, my vexations and deeply depressive posts shall mostly remain unplublished. Maybe one day i’ll care a lot less and publish everything.

♥ Veronica ~x


Last Weekend

Last weekend (2nd-4th Sept) has been one of the best weekends i’ve had. I didn’t do anything particularly crazy, but just had a bit of a packed schedule. The thing that made it awesome was that i managed to see alot of my friends over those short 3 days!

On the Friday (2nd Sept) i went to watch the play Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Globe with some of my old high school friends, which included my twin cousins since we attended the same school. I’ve never read Much Ado About Nothing, but watching the live version of it on stage was brilliant. It was really funny and enjoyable, i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to follow the story since it’s been a while since i’ve read Shakespeare but that was not the case. And even though my legs were super tired and sore the next day (since we had standing tickets which only cost £6) it was totally worth it. I really recommend going to see this! Plus a major bonus is that the actor who plays Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Joseph Marcell) is in it!

On Saturday (3rd Sept), my friend Tina touched down from Singapore and i went out to London to meet up with her and Vicky. Sadly we could only meet for an hour and a half since Tina was off to Paris later that evening. And even though Tina had gone back to Singapore for about 8 months, it seemed like we had never been apart. I love it when friendships are like this, you could be separated by time and countries, but nothing changes. Your friendship is still the same as before, no awkwardness at all. In fact there was not one moment of silence. Vicky and I roamed around central for a bit after Tina left, and ended up going to Snog for frozen yoghurt and whilst we were there, we managed to bump into my cousins (same cousins from Friday but this time with their younger sister too). Later that evening i was off to a Karaoke arranged by Karyan, finally using her £50 deposit from back in January! Tried to convince Vicky to come along but she rejected me 😦 lol. However i did manage to see Eugene, Sandra (finally!) and Jacqueline (who i had invited along to join us) at karaoke. My throat was so sore from singing that night, haha.

Sunday (5th Sept) was a more relaxing day. Went yum cha with my parents and grandma and bumped into Mei’s parents and grandparents, unfortunately Mei didn’t go. After being seated, i saw Zoe and her family come in. Really small world hehe. If Mei came it would have been a mini re-union! But we had all managed to see each other a few days before during Zoe’s bbq anyways. Today was also Sandra’s last day in London! She was moving to Belfast on Monday, so Karyan and I met her at Fire & Stone for a good bye dinner. We later went to Piccadilly Institute (my new favourite place XD – 50% off = YAY) for cocktails and we turned into caberet rejects! The three of us went a bit crazy with the photo taking and posing with glittered top hats! We probably have enough photos to last the next two years haha. It was the perfect ending to an awesome weekend.

Bit of a long update and i doubt anyone reads this blog anymore, but if you did read this entry i apologise for boring you. This post mainly serves to document this weekend for myself haha. It’s just one of those weekends that i think i would want to remember, so this post is here incase i forget =P

♥ Veronica ~x