A New Beginning ~

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog! By no means am i new to the world of blogging, but i haven’t blogged in around 3 years now so i’m a bit rusty.

I guess this place will just be filled with my ramblings, rants, and random thoughts. I do have a lot of obsessions as you will soon find out ^__^, and i will also be updating with some graphics that i make from time to time, these will mostly be avatars of my current obsessions etc which hopefully some of you will be fellow obsessors of =P.


Oh yeah i thought i should mention that i’m Veronica (aka crystal). Some of you may know me from my previous personal website/blog called Beyond Destiny, the fansites (leila-tong.com and bosco-wong.net) or the various fanlistings etc i made mainly of TVB artists. It’s really been a while since i last associated myself with any type of website making, but its really something i miss doing so if i ever find the spare time i’m going to brush up on my html, so watch this space!

I have to say i have grown up alot since my fansite days so i am probably way less of a fangirl now than i was back then, i doubt i will ever make another fansite as its just too time consuming, but hopefully i will have another personal site running one day.

Anyways sorry for the long intro, i hope you’ll enjoy my randomness xD and stay tuned ^__^

♥ Veronica ~x