18th June 2010

The 18th of June 2010 was a bit of a wonderful day.

My friend Sue from uni who was ill the week before and therefore could not attend my birthday had decided to make it up to me. Tina offered to make dinner for us at her place in Camden. Coincidentally, the 18th of June 2010 also happens to be the same date as my chinese birth date (五月初七) this year. So as it turned out, we were actually celebrating my birthday.

It was really great to catch up with everyone, because even though Vicky and Tina were both at my birthday the week before, we didn’t really have the chance to catch up properly. It was so nice to just sit down and chat about everything and anything – it seems like we never have topics that are off-limit. I laughed so much that night. It was a shame that we only met up for about 3 hours though, i was over an hour late due to transport and what not and then we all had to head home early since Camden was pretty far far from home for all of us. A longer catch-up is much needed.

Another reason that makes the 18th of June 2010 a memorable day is because my university results were out that day. I got home that night and nervously went online to check my results, and was overjoyed to find out that I’ve graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division) Honours degree! I got a 2:1! *heart attack over*!

Out of fear that i would get a bad result (with very legitimate reasons in believing so) i decided not to check it during the day because i didn’t want to spoil my mood before meeting up with my friends. But as it turns out all the worry was for nothing because i graduated with  a 2:1! I should have just checked it during the day and the mood would probably have been even better when i was out with my friends. I was so happy beyond words!

Oh… and 18th of June was also Ella from S.H.E’s birthday haha… yes i’m a crazy fangirl at the moment. So sue me xD.

♥ Veronica ~x



So last Thursday i had my final exam, and i am now officially finished with university and oh-so-free ^__^.  Though the down side to finishing this early – besides having to do all my exams within the first week of the exam period – is that none of my friends are finished yet and i have to wait around for everyone else to finish up with exams. I haven’t celebrated the end of the year properly yet, so i am looking forward to when everyone finally finishes!

Because of this, i was already bored on my first day of freedom. Spent that Friday mostly just rotting away in my room, but since i was finally allowed to sleep,  i slept for ages and woke up quite late which helped the day pass a bit more quickly. Decided to go home on Friday night since there really wasn’t anything to do at uni, and i felt the need to get out of that room and that place so much. Just needed to get away from Brunel for a while since i had been in my room just revising non-stop for the past month or so.

And i also started to move some of my stuff back home, i have so much stuff at uni i think it may take two car trips for me to move out lol! So far i’ve just cleared out my wardrobe of all the winter clothes and taken them home, and also my textbooks. My textbooks alone filled up a whole (albeit small) suitcase and i still have 4 textbooks left to pack. I really don’t understand how i’ve managed to have so much stuff in that room, not too sure where it’s all going to go when i move everything back home.

But being home feels really good, haven’t really done much apart from watching tv and sleeping. In fact i’ve been sleeping a record amount, it’s probably just my body going into R.E.M. rebound or something, catching up on all the SWS and R.E.M. sleep i’ve missed the past 2 weeks. Ha… i guess i did learn something from all that revision on Sleep and Dreaming afterall.

♥ Veronica ~x

Making Websites

Wow it’s been a while since i last blogged, it seems like i have no time for other things other than revision these days. I really can’t wait for it all to be over, just under two weeks now!

But yeah, the other night i discovered that there was a web archive of my now non-existent domain, i stopped renewing it back in 2008 as i basically neglected to update it for a whole year. I started uni back in 2007 and just didn’t have the time to maintain it anymore. So i looked though the web archive and most of the pages were preserved, even the layouts i made for the different sections of the website and looking through it, it made me realise how much i actually miss the world of  ‘webdesigning’/website making. During those 3/4 years of my life i actually made some awesome friends who also made websites (i should mention that mine was actually a fansite for a hong kong celebrity), checking back now it seems like we all abandoned our sites back in 2007/2008, i guess it’s because we were all around the same age and all headed off to university/college after the summer of 2007. It’s weird to think back how i used to be such good friends with these people, we would have msn conversations that lasted hours and hours everyday, and now we’ve all stopped contact. I guess it’s strange how one thing can bring people together?

Anyways, i guess what i’m trying to say is that i really want to get back into that world. Though i don’t know if i would actually maintain it if i got another domain, it could be a major waste of my money but at the same time i think it’s always been something that’s lingered at the back of my mind, it’s hard to give up a hobby that’s taken up a considerable amount of time in my life. Fansites are fun to make and maintain and you meet so many people who are passionate about the same thing as you, but it took so much time and effort to maintain, i’m not really sure i could dedicate myself in that way again. Plus in the last 3 years i’ve grown up and my obsessions and interests have changed, i’m not the same fangirl who used to google images and news about my obsessions everyday.

Having said that, i’m seriously considering maybe getting a personal website. WordPress.com works like a charm at times but at other times i wish i had something more customizable. Though i think before i can do all that i’ll have to go away and brush up on my html and css skils, not to mention my psp/ps skills, it’s been a while since i’ve made anything in photoshop/psp.

If anyone cares, here’s the link to the web archive, i was pretty damn good at it even if i do say so myself =P.


[the link takes a while to load… but yeah do take a look if you have the time :), and ignore all the spam adverts/links i think spammers somehow got into my cutenews feed and put them there]

Easter Break

It’s Easter so i’ll start off by wishing you all a Happy Easter =)

My Easter has been kinda boring to be honest, i’m stuck in my dorm room revising all day and on top of that i’m ill. It’s probably not the most healthy thing to be stuck in a small room with my own microbes or whatever lol. I’ve had no easter chocolate or any chocolate of any form which just makes everything suck even more.

I’m actually a whole week behind my revision schedule and being ill has just slowed me down, i’m just constantly tired and the meds probably don’t help since i’m pretty sure some of them make me drowsy. I’ve managed to do 2 and a half lectures within a week and a half, and it’s really not gonna cut it. I’m going at such a worryingly slow pace, but at the same time i don’t seem particularly fazed by it.

I hate Brunel for being so inefficient. Our petition to get the exam timetable changed didn’t work out, though it was the outcome i expected anyways and to be honest i would be able to suck it up and deal with it but i didn’t expect myself to fall ill during easter break, it’s just such an inconvenience and has really hindered my progress since i spent 2 days just sleeping.

I really hope this cold/flu/cough thing goes away soon cos i can’t afford to fall behind any more than i am. I also wish i was at home, but then again i’d probably get even less work done back home. So if i’m wishing for things, i’d wish it was summer already.

♥ Veronica ~x

Last lecture E-V-E-R!

Woop woop, had my last lecture ever today! [Well, last lecture for now anyways since i do plan to go for postgrad studies lol xD].

But yeah like i said previously, need to start focusing on revision now D:, i just have to stick it out for another month and it will all be over! Really can’t wait until summer when i can actually go out guilt-free. Went out to a kpop clubbing event on Saturday actually, and it was so good! It was such a good night out and i didn’t regret going one bit. I suppose if i didn’t go out i could have finished my dissertation sooner, but at the moment i was just like “eh, what the heck”. LOL. But to be honest i probably wouldn’t have done much work even if i stayed in that night anyways since i just handed in a second draft by email that day and felt like i physically couldn’t do any more work. I really recommend people try out kpop clubbing, but it may only be good if you enjoy kpop but my indian friend who came with us had a good time too, though my friend makes her listen to kpop sometimes haha, she got so excited when Wedding Dress by Taeyang ♥ started playing.

Anyways had another lazy night/afternoon today, though i kinda planned to start revision it kinda didn’t happen =\. Basically i was gonna take a nap so that i would be refreshed to do revision, but after 3 hours lying in bed i was STILL awake. I blame it on the mocha i had before, but it’s kinda strange cos caffeine usually doesn’t affect me. But anyways, i’ve been feeling groggy all day because i want to sleep but my body wont let me, so basically i’ve kinda achieved nothing work wise. But tomorrow i shall try get an early start on it! I really actually have no choice so *fingers crossed* i get SOMETHING done… =\.

On a different note, i’m getting more and more addicted to 90210! I must admit when the first season started it was good in a tacky-ish way, but now it’s getting a lot better. I’m not too sure about all these random new characters they’re adding in, though i must say that Jasper makes things a lot more interesting. But really not sure about this whole Gia thing (i have nothing against Rumer Willis aka Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s daughter, but she kinda can’t act…), and not too sure about Lila either, but its a nice change to see someone who isn’t stick thin in one of these teen dramas. Heard that Liam and Annie are gonna get together, so just gonna see how that’s gonna play out haha.

I actually watch too many series for my own good, but i’m sure i’ll be able to squeeze in some time for revision =P.

♥ Veronica ~x


God i hate Waterstones so much! They’ve just given me so much unnecessary hassle and i usually have no problems with them. I ordered my 3 textbooks last week in anticipation of receiving them this week so that i can start revision in between writing up my dissertation. However, a couple days later i received an email from them that one of the books were not in stock and that there would be a delay in the deliveries until they get new stock from their suppliers, which they said come in frequently. So i waited a few days, infact a week, but nothing. So on Thursday i cancelled the order and bought my books from Amazon instead, but the next day i receive an email from Waterstones telling me that they’ve shipped me the other two books. I was staring at my laptop screen like WTF! I now have 2 orders of the same books! Luckily amazon hadn’t shipped the books yet and i was able to cancel the order, but seriously so much hassle! And i still have to order that book that Waterstones didn’t have, but Waterstones have been really ambiguous as to what’s happening with that one book and i’m not sure if i should go ahead and order from Amazon just yet. But i really need that book. Gah. It’d be so much easier if they actually sold the damn books in store!

It just really hasn’t been my day today. Been having early mornings and late nights all week and usually Fridays are the one day i don’t have anything on and i give myself a lie-in, but that didn’t happen today. I decided to keep on top of things and go into the office to do my work. After sorting out everything and having lunch, i headed to the office at 1:00pm, and was there until around half 7. The problem is i actually managed to do nothing all day. I really don’t understand how i managed to waste those 6 hours. I left the office with 2 articles i printed off for my literature review and feeling really confused after discussing with the guy i work with about our stats and spss output. Things are going nowhere.

It’s like i care but i don’t at the same time. I’ve lost all motivation to try, it’s like i’m a robot, i’m doing the work or at least trying to but nothing is really being processed by my mind. I kinda needed to do the work today because i KNOW i’m not gonna get anything done this weekend. I’m meeting with my friend tomorrow and then it’s mother’s day on sunday and my aunt’s birthday on monday. I think more late nights and early mornings are the only way to go. But i can only go with 4-5 hours of sleep a night for so long before i completely wear myself out. Third year should come with a health warning.

♥ Veronica ~x

Stress Stress Stress

My final year dissertation is wearing me down. We literally have no data because we haven’t even looked at the videos and analyzed them yet, but we can’t do this until our supervisor shows us how to sync the two clips together and calculate the looking time. Of the 22 mothers we booked in, around 10 actually bothered to show up and only about 7 or 8 of the baby data is useable. To top it all off the snow just keeps ruining things because the mothers aren’t going to bring their children to the university in the snow. How we’re meant to get 30 babies and analyze the data in time for the draft deadline in less than a month’s time is beyond me.

The girl i’m working with is a passive aggressive person who isn’t pulling her weight, i feel like i’m doing everything and she’s just riding along. When she actually does something she makes a big fuss about it as if she’s done a lot, which in reality she hasn’t. She keeps bringing up that one time where she had to wake up extra early to deliver the reminder letter with the parking permit by hand to the mother that was coming in that day, as if she’s made a massive sacrifice. When in reality she should have picked up the permits the week before and send them off which would have saved her the trip. Oh and the mother didn’t even turn up in the end, presumably the mother had made other plans due to not receiving the letter beforehand. So really the whole purpose of the reminder letter was defeated. Oh and the other day she left early to go to the cinema with her friend, leaving me and the other guy to pick up the slack.

During the snow days i had to trek in the snow to the office to cancel and reschedule the appointments with the mother. It actually took me 3 hours to do one time, and i mean fair enough i’m the only one of us who lives on campus so i didn’t expect the other two to come all the way in, but it would have been nice for her to acknowledge this fact. The guy did acknowledge this and told me that the two of them would go to the 9am clinic to recruit the infants since i was by myself in the office for the past 2 weeks, and i went to the afternoon clinic by myself. The girl then has the audacity to imply that i hadn’t done anything to help and told me “try to get a few names, at least that would help us out”, and kept texting me to collect the parking permits on my way back. I asked why she couldn’t go pick them up so she wouldn’t have to wait for me to send off the letters, she replied that she was calling up the mothers.  I was gone for a total of 3 hours, i’m pretty sure it doesn’t take 3 hours to make 6 phone calls, thank god the guy came through and sorted everything out. I’m actually at my wits’ ends with this girl, i may end up killing her one day.

To top it all off, me and the guy were discussing the dissertation draft that’s due in next month and we concluded that we actually have no idea what our hypothesis is. We’re getting hardly any support from the supervisors, who expect us to just know everything and do everything by ourselves. But we’re helping THEM with THEIR research. I expected a bit more guidance. We’re basically clueless and have no idea what to do about the high drop-out rate of our participants. We also suspect that our supervisor expects us to carry on with the project after our deadlines. But i really don’t see this happening. Seriously good luck to them and whoever they manage to fool into helping out next year. My supervisor has failed to give me feedback on my dissertation proposal that i handed in back in september, so in essence i have no idea if what i’m doing is correct because i have had no feedback on what i’ve assumed the research to be about and the assumed direction of it.

I’m actually well and truly screwed.

On a slightly brighter note, it’s finally been announced when that cancelled seminar has been rescheduled for and the new essay deadline. Though right now its not realistic for me to preoccupy over it any further, i’ll just have to sort it out after i hand in my draft. I should have about 2 weeks to write it after the draft deadline and then another 2 weeks to put together the final dissertation after that.

I need some serious luck on my side if i’m going to get through this year alive.

Actually i need a miracle.

Let’s hope something comes to me in my sleep that will help me figure it all out.

♥ Veronica ~x