Glee-ful ^__^

Ok so i am totally in LOVE with the new TV-show Glee! Being a massive musical fan, i’m really glad that there is finally a musical tv drama! I’m totally in love with the fact that they use show tunes from actual theatrical musicals, maybe the love of musicals will spread within my generation now (haha this makes me sound so old!). I’m really tired of all the High School Musical crap that kids seem to be into these days, yes i realise Glee still focuses around the lives of highly stereotyped high school kids, but in my mind it still trumps HSM.


If you haven’t been watching it i demand suggest that you start watching now! =P. I wish this was airing in the UK, though according to wikipedia it will come to the UK next year on E4! ^__^

Anyways, i’m off to watch another episode of Glee and you should do it too =D.

Proud Gleek Veronica ~x