No motivation at all, really need to get this literature review done. Well it’s done but i need to add to it and so i really need to read this essential article that my supervisor suggested to me. This article makes no sense and i’ve spent the past 2 days staring at it, managed to read about 5-6 pages, and really i should be done with it by now. Ugh, i’ve just lost all will to actually try and work on this, it’s dragged on for way too long. Finally got all the stats entered into SPSS today and now just waiting on supervisor so we can run the statistical tests, really cheesed off that she didn’t come in today, just more unnecessary delays. Hopefully will get it done by tomorrow and can get the ball rolling on writing up the results and discussion, and i swear the stats aren’t significant so the whole study was such a waste of time. Kinda a big joke that she wants to get a grant for further research during the summer.

I’m being so counterproductive. Tidied my room about a gazillion times. I’ve convinced myself that i need a clutter-free environment to work in (apparently that includes the stuff inside the drawers), but by the time i’m done tidying i’m too spent from it and hardly get any work done. I hope i get it together soon, but i think it’s just my brain’s way of telling me i need a good rest cos right now it’s like mush and nothing is really getting in. I’m glad i stayed up late last week to finish off the baby videos cos i literally did nothing over the weekend. But ‘Silver’ also didn’t do anything over the weekend, he flew home and watched the Oscars! LOL, so it makes me feel a little better about being unproductive.

Speaking of the Oscars, i’m really bummed that i didn’t get to go home and watch it this weekend. La Pfeiffer looked AMAZING (as always) in a red dress – reminds me of Fabulous Baker Boys. And yes, for argument’s sake, Michelle is my girl crush ok? LOL

Look at the gorgeousness:

During her speech for Jeff’s award


FBB Jack & Susie Re-union ❤

Clearly putting my time to good use here haha, what better way to procrastinate than catch up with the Oscars right? ^__~

♥ Veronica ~x


All things new~

This entry is part site update and part blog.

You may have noticed the new music player i’ve added, it kinda refuses to start playing automatically, despite me adding the short code, so i’ve pretty much given up on that but i guess it works out for the best since background music can be annoying at times. I will be adding more songs to the playlist soon, but right now it plays “On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables, but this is the Glee version, sung by Lea Michele.

I’ve also opened the TRINKETS section, only avatars are up right now but i will be adding more bit by bit. I’ve added some Michelle Pfeiffer and Wicked icons, here’s a little taster:

Go to the trinket section to check all of them out =D

So today i woke up early to go yum cha with my family, we haven’t been in ages so it was a bit of a treat. This time we managed to order just the right amount of dim sum so we didn’t have to take any left overs home hehe, thats the thing with dim sum, everything looks small but it is actually quite filling. Anyways, as the title of the entry says, today has been about new things. After going yum cha we went to Kingston and finally bought my grandma a DAB radio because she could no longer listen to the Spectrum AM558 chinese radio show on our old radio due to the digital switchover. The radio has a CD player and an ipod dock! It looks so pretty i actually kinda want it for myself, though i probably wouldn’t actually use it since i have my ipod and ipod speakers and also my laptop to listen to music with. Plus i rarely listen to the radio anymore, i only listen to it when i’m in the car lol.

After buying the radio we had to head to the apple store in the bentalls centre since i booked an appointment at the genius bar to get my macbook looked at. The grey plastic bit around my macbook screen and keyboard top were starting to chip away for some reason, and since i bought the apple care plan i thought i’d see if they could do anything about it. Thankfully it was something that the care plan could cover and they fixed it there and then since they already had the parts in store. When it was done, i realised they actually changed the whole keyboard, so now my laptop looks brand new from the inside xD. The keyboard and touchpad feel really weird though because they have this “rough” feeling to it when its new, but since i’ve been using my macbook for just over two years now, the old keyboard’s plastic had kinda been worn down and turned shiny and smooth. But oh well, i’m not complaining since they gave me a new keyboard hehe, i’m actually really glad i bought the apple care plan, and i definitely recommend anyone who has a mac and doesnt have the care plan to get it. The care plan is for 3 years and it really does come in handy since you’re obviously gonna be using your mac for more than a year. I mean not long ago my charger went on the fritz and cos i had the apple care they just gave me a brand new charger, which without the plan would have cost me around £46 to buy a new one!

Got home and my uncle and my little cousins were at my house and so were my other aunt and uncle who come to visit my grandma every sunday. It was really nice to see my little cousins, my uncle comes down every month to see my grandma but i was uni when they came down last month, so i’m really glad i got to see them today otherwise the next time i see them would have been at christmas. Little kids actually grow up so fast! My little cousin Gemma is already 11 and just took her 11+ exam! Its kinda weird when i get to see my little cousins grow up, it feels like its too fast, especially the ones who have just about turned double figures, they seem so eager to grow up and it seems a bit scary, i’m just thinking “aww no, stay a kid a while longer”. I swear the childhood period is getting shorter these days. Also i feel so old, even though i’m only 20 haha. If everyone stayed being kiddies i wouldn’t feel so old xD.

Anyways tomorrow is another day and with it shall bring a new blog entry. So until then~

♥ Veronica ~x

In love with…

Ah i’ve missed blogging! I finally finished my essay and handed it in yesterday, and now maybe i’ll have some more time to blog more often haha. I forgot how addictive blogging could actually be.

This entry won’t go into anything too deep as i haven’t really had time for any deep, self-evaluating thoughts lately since the only thing that has been on my mind was the damn essay.  Well that’s not entirely true.

So i had such a random dream the other night, it was so weird and hard to explain? Haha, but long story short there were chinese celebrities in it… but the only one i remember is Moses Chan. And ever since i think my obsession with him has come back! I totally forgot how HOT he was!

As i said this entry is just gonna be a light-hearted one, so here’s a list of stuff that i’m currently in love with:

[x] Moses Chan
[x] Glee – just cheers me up so much
[x] Season 6 of Desperate Housewives – i swear it just keeps getting better
[x] Songs “Taking Chances” (Celine Dion) and “On My Own” (from musical Les Miserables)
[x] The rumor about Michelle Pfeiffer in a vampire movie! The idea alone excites me
[x] Blogging and reading people’s blogs xD

The list was longer in my head but i’ve kinda forgotten some of it, so yeah those are pretty much the obsessions in my head right now. Anyways, am currently packing my stuff to go home for the weekend, i think some TLC has been well earned and my grandma and cousin are coming over from malaysia on monday so will be going to collect them.  Anyways i think my parents will be here soon, so i’m signing off.

♥ Veronica ~x