Little Korea & Haagen-Dazs Cafe

In keeping with my aim of blogging more, here’s a new post! Two days ago, i ventured into central London with two friends for dinner. We ended up going to Little Korea near Chinatown. I’ve been wanting to try ‘LiKo’ for a while now, as i’ve known quite a few people who have been there, and heard some good things about it. But honestly, my experience there was rather disappointing. LiKo are meant to specialise in both Korean and Japanese food, but i do not recommend getting Japanese food from here! Those who know me know that i am a massive foodie and love taking photos of my food adventures, however, i think the fact that i have no photos of the food i ate here shows how disappointed i was about it!

We ordered the Koko Maki to share between the three of us as a starter, my friends ordered the beef rib broth and soft shell crab katsu as main meals, and i ordered the chicken bento box. The Koko Maki arrived first, but as soon as my friend took a bite into a piece of maki, she warned me that my chicken bento box (which is meant to come with pieces of maki and sashimi) might not be good. Why? Because the sushi rice was wet and soggy! I’ve never had soggy sushi in a restaurant, ever! Nevertheless, i brushed it off saying that as i also had sashimi and chicken in my bento, it should be okay even if the sushi rice in the maki isn’t good.

But oh, how wrong i was! When the bento box arrived i was shocked at how it looked. It was not appetising at all, and my friend said a phrase which really sums it up – “your chicken is sliced like sashimi, and your sashimi is sliced like chicken”. It was really nothing spectacular, and at a price tag of £13.50, i was expecting some oomph! The taste of the chicken can only be described as okay, and the sashimi looked like it had been sitting out for hours. I’ve had better looking and tasting sushi for similar/cheaper prices – £12.50/£13.00 from Noodle Foodle in Wimbledon springs to mind, and also for slightly more at £15 for a variety of sushi bentos at Eat Tokyo. My friend wasn’t too fond of the soft shell crab katsu either, and the only person who was satisfied with the meal was my friend who ordered the beef rib broth. So, i guess the moral of the story is if you ever find yourself in Little Korea, stick to ordering food from the country of it’s namesake! If you want to avoid disappointment, then you’d be wise to not order from the Japanese section.

After a disappointing dinner, we went to play some pool before getting dessert at the Haagen-Dazs cafe in Leicester Square. It was the highlight of the night for me. We ordered the Fondue for two, shared between the three of us. It looked just like the photo in the menu, and tasted so heavenly! Definitely no disappointment here!


Haagen-Dazs’ Fondue: Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Fruit, 16 scoops of ice cream, Brownies & Cookies.

 photo 2 photo 4

Ice cream dipped in warm belgian milk chocolate & raspberry daiquiri made with fruit sorbet ^^

photo 3

All gone!

Well that brings this post to an end. This is my first proper ‘review’ of food i guess. I’ve been thinking that since i take so many photos of food and post them on instagram, i should start a foodie blog hehe, but we shall see. It’s hard enough remembering to update this one =P.

♥ Veronica ~x



So on Monday i went to the airport with my mum and my auntie to collect my grandma and cousin. They landed at 16.15pm but it took them ages to come out! After waiting and waiting and more waiting, we finally spotted them, and headed to my other auntie’s house to dump their stuff.

We then made a quick move to a restaurant for dinner since we knew my grandma and cousin must have been tired and hungry. We took them to our favourite Kor/Jap restauarant K&J in New Malden. My grandma loved the gold california roll we ordered, since she really loves eating tobiko. This restaurant is really generous when it comes to tobiko and gave us  loads of it, my grandma was so delighted by this because she said back in malaysia they only give you a tiny tiny amount of it, and that it isnt as fresh in malaysia.

Grandma falling asleep whilst waiting for food to come

Me and my cousin, she looks fobby right? haha we both preferred this non-flash version xD

After dinner we dropped them back at my auntie’s house and stayed for a bit. My cousin ended up falling asleep on the sofa in a really weird position haha, i wish i took a photo of it, it was so funny. It was really nice to see them again since i haven’t been back to malaysia for 2 and a half years now, my little cousin is not so little anymore and has grown so much taller! She’s only 12 but is at my shoulders already, she clearly takes after my uncle who is super tall and will probably end up taller than me one day hehe.

Later that night my parents took me back to uni, i really wish i didn’t have to come back since i would much prefer to spend my time with my cousin and grandma. They all went out for lunch, shopping and dinner on tuesday and visited Richmond park on wednesday, i really wish i could have gone with them, since they’re only here until 30th december  and i wont get to see them much since i can only go home during the weekends =.=. I never knew i would miss my little cousin so much, its actually kinda a new feeling for me, its sorta odd. She annoys me to no end sometimes, but i miss talking to her, its really weird.

But nevermind, i will be seeing them this weekend, so will try and make the best out of the little time i get to spend with them. Anyways, must sign off now, need to go and do more recruiting tomorrow since it’s thursday again!

Goodnight world,

♥ Veronica ~x