So last Thursday i had my final exam, and i am now officially finished with university and oh-so-free ^__^.  Though the down side to finishing this early – besides having to do all my exams within the first week of the exam period – is that none of my friends are finished yet and i have to wait around for everyone else to finish up with exams. I haven’t celebrated the end of the year properly yet, so i am looking forward to when everyone finally finishes!

Because of this, i was already bored on my first day of freedom. Spent that Friday mostly just rotting away in my room, but since i was finally allowed to sleep,  i slept for ages and woke up quite late which helped the day pass a bit more quickly. Decided to go home on Friday night since there really wasn’t anything to do at uni, and i felt the need to get out of that room and that place so much. Just needed to get away from Brunel for a while since i had been in my room just revising non-stop for the past month or so.

And i also started to move some of my stuff back home, i have so much stuff at uni i think it may take two car trips for me to move out lol! So far i’ve just cleared out my wardrobe of all the winter clothes and taken them home, and also my textbooks. My textbooks alone filled up a whole (albeit small) suitcase and i still have 4 textbooks left to pack. I really don’t understand how i’ve managed to have so much stuff in that room, not too sure where it’s all going to go when i move everything back home.

But being home feels really good, haven’t really done much apart from watching tv and sleeping. In fact i’ve been sleeping a record amount, it’s probably just my body going into R.E.M. rebound or something, catching up on all the SWS and R.E.M. sleep i’ve missed the past 2 weeks. Ha… i guess i did learn something from all that revision on Sleep and Dreaming afterall.

♥ Veronica ~x


Easter Break

It’s Easter so i’ll start off by wishing you all a Happy Easter =)

My Easter has been kinda boring to be honest, i’m stuck in my dorm room revising all day and on top of that i’m ill. It’s probably not the most healthy thing to be stuck in a small room with my own microbes or whatever lol. I’ve had no easter chocolate or any chocolate of any form which just makes everything suck even more.

I’m actually a whole week behind my revision schedule and being ill has just slowed me down, i’m just constantly tired and the meds probably don’t help since i’m pretty sure some of them make me drowsy. I’ve managed to do 2 and a half lectures within a week and a half, and it’s really not gonna cut it. I’m going at such a worryingly slow pace, but at the same time i don’t seem particularly fazed by it.

I hate Brunel for being so inefficient. Our petition to get the exam timetable changed didn’t work out, though it was the outcome i expected anyways and to be honest i would be able to suck it up and deal with it but i didn’t expect myself to fall ill during easter break, it’s just such an inconvenience and has really hindered my progress since i spent 2 days just sleeping.

I really hope this cold/flu/cough thing goes away soon cos i can’t afford to fall behind any more than i am. I also wish i was at home, but then again i’d probably get even less work done back home. So if i’m wishing for things, i’d wish it was summer already.

♥ Veronica ~x


So been home over the weekend, i spent most of it playing on my wii with my parents lol. We’re so crazy cos we can play on it for hours on end! My dad still has holiday leave until the 16th which is why he’s so free to play on the wii with me if you were wondering lol. I think it still because of how novel the wii is to us, the first time we played together we spent around 5 hours just playing Wii Bowling lol! Now we’ve started playing Tennis together as well and my mum is so hilarious when she plays, she thinks she’s playing the real thing and stands up and moves around the room lol! But yeah i guess the novelty of it may wear off soon, though if we get some new games we’d probably still play for ages hehe.

Anyways other than playing with the Wii we went yum cha on saturday morning/afternoon. It was still really icy that day but there was still quite alot of people there, and i saw some teachers from the chinese school i used to go to. I’m guessing chinese school was cancelled and that was why they were so free to go yum cha. It also happened to be the headteacher’s birthday and the other teachers arranged for “sau bau” to be brought out. It was nice until the tachers got very loud in their conversation and everyone could overhear their weird conversation topics – which were really off putting if you keep in mind that we were eating! I found it really irritating after a while, and my table was right next to theirs so there was like no escape D: and to make matters worse they were STILL there even when we were leaving.

But yeah, it’s been a lovely relaxing weekend at home. I brought my books back to do some work but i haven’t touched them, i’ve got wednesday, thursday and friday practically free though so will probably do my work then. I’m kinda disappointed it didn’t snow today as they predicted but i’m also kinda glad since i really don’t want to be snowed in and not be able to make it for tuesday’s lectures since all my lectures are on that day and rescheduling them will probably be a b*itch.

Well the weekend is now officially over. A new week means a new start and i’m gonna try my best to cut down my procrastination! Wish me luck! =P

♥ Veronica ~x


Grr. Today my replacement lecture seminar was cancelled yet AGAIN!

The reason? “Bad traveling conditions” because of the snow, AGAIN.

I really don’t accept this as a reason for my lecturer to not turn up, the first time around i could accept it because the snow was actually really heavy and it would have been dangerous for him to come in, but this time i think he’s just being a lazy fuck.

The conditions were fine today. The roads were gritted and fine to travel on, and the trains/underground have been in good working condition since Thursday, so really no matter how he travels in from south london, there really was no excuse for him not to turn up.

As the lecture seminar was cancelled again, the essay deadline has been pushed back yet again. I suppose i should be happy about it but it’s just pissing me off, i just want to get the damn thing out of the way. I’m meant to be done with this module already and now its just lingering because a new lecture date and deadline has not been announced yet. I really cannot afford to be wasting my time with this essay anymore, i need to get my dissertation draft done for the first week of February and i’d rather focus on that.

This whole week has just been a waste of time. I should have just gone home after my 6pm lecture on Tuesday. But anyways my dad came to pick me up after i told him my lecture was cancelled (and that’s how i KNOW the roads were fine to travel on).

But at least at home i feel less like a zombie because back on campus i’m just refined to my room since there’s not much to do in this kind of weather.

Really am glad to be home.

♥ Veronica ~x

Tied Together With A Smile

Tied together with a smile but i’m coming undone. That’s how i feel right now.

I hope you clocked the song reference.

My mood has been fluctuating all day, so many things have been running through my mind and i’ve been on the brink of tears about 5 times.

Its silly because something small and trivial was the trigger.

I was feeling low and the negative thoughts just accumulated.

I feel there’s no escape, no matter how hard i try to forget.

I’m awaiting the day they become distant memories. But that seems unlikely.

Am i to be plagued for life?

And i wish i had more time to spend at home, the thought of packing gives me dread.

I know the feeling will soon disperse once i get stuck into things, but the thoughts – they always return.

That’s a given.

But right now i’m hoping that dreamland will bring me some momentary sweet release when i finally drift there.

♥ Veronica ~x