Hello 2013! ♥

It’s finally 2013, so let me start off by wishing you all a happy new year. Hope that the year ahead will be filled with more wonderful memories!

2012 has had it’s fair share of highs and lows, and if i’m honest i’m glad it’s over and i’m looking forward to a fresh new start. But i don’t want to dwell on the bad, so i guess i’ll just mention my highlights of 2012. The major highlight of 2012 for me came on November 21st when i found out that i received a distinction for my masters in child psychology, it felt really good to know that all my hard work really paid off. I haven’t always been the best academically, despite attending a high school that was a grammar school where everyone is considered to excel academically, i always seemed to be the “bottom of the best” as it were. So now, achieving a distinction makes me feel like i’ve finally had the opportunity to show my full academic potential. This is my proudest achievement to date.

Another highlight of 2012 was getting to see Bigbang live in concert on December 14th. It’s kind of funny actually, because i wasn’t a major fan (read as: super fangirl) of Bigbang and actually stopped listening to their music (well, all kpop music in general) but when i heard they were coming over for their tour i got caught up amongst everyone else’s excitement and ended up buying a ticket. Bigbang was the only kpop band besides 2NE1 that i actually properly listened to and liked, so i’m really glad i got caught up in the moment because the concert was amazing. The seats we got had a great view, and it made forking out all that money on a ticket totally worth it. And i turned into a massive fangirl at the concert – something i didn’t know that i could ever turn into.

One more highlight was my summer. Summer 2012 was pretty awesome, mainly because i had the opportunity to go on holiday to Barcelona with some of my friends from Chinese school. We don’t get to see each other often, but this group of friends are actually some of my oldest friends whom i’ve known for more than 10 years! I met most of them when i was 11 or 12, so i’ve known them for literally half of my life. I think it’s hard to maintain friendships, especially over distance and time, but i’m really glad that we have remained friends. And we also managed to squeeze in a lot of meet-ups as a group this summer such as going to the beach, hot pot etc. I just wanted to say that i love you guys, you know who you are 🙂

Memories from Barcelona~

For New Year’s Eve this year, my friends and i had a girly night out at the Playkrown NYE event, and we spent countdown inside Apt bar. I knew quite a lot of people who turned up to the event, so all in all NYE was a great night.

So now onto 2013. After waking up in the afternoon, we kick-started New Years Day by having brunch. Later in the evening i had dinner at home with my family and then my mum and i went to the cinema to catch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s been a lovely first day of the year, and i’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year pans out!

At Playkrown, ignore the creepy guy photobombing our lovely photo 😦

First meal of 2013. I went for a good old English breakfast ^^

I already have a couple of things to look forward to in my diary, i’ll be graduating at the end of the month so i’ll officially be a Master of Science! And in exactly one month’s time (Feb 1st) i’ll be jetting off to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year! I’m excited to make new and wonderful memories this year. I feel optimistic about 2013 and I will be writing down a list of goals that i want to achieve this year, and one thing that’s already on there is to find a good job in my chosen field, so wish me luck!

I know i say this quite often, but hopefully i will blog more often this year, and i will make an effort to include photos too.

So, before i go, let me wish you all a wonderful new year again and good luck in whatever your aims for the year might be! 🙂

♥ Veronica ~x


Last Weekend

Last weekend (2nd-4th Sept) has been one of the best weekends i’ve had. I didn’t do anything particularly crazy, but just had a bit of a packed schedule. The thing that made it awesome was that i managed to see alot of my friends over those short 3 days!

On the Friday (2nd Sept) i went to watch the play Much Ado About Nothing at the Shakespeare Globe with some of my old high school friends, which included my twin cousins since we attended the same school. I’ve never read Much Ado About Nothing, but watching the live version of it on stage was brilliant. It was really funny and enjoyable, i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to follow the story since it’s been a while since i’ve read Shakespeare but that was not the case. And even though my legs were super tired and sore the next day (since we had standing tickets which only cost £6) it was totally worth it. I really recommend going to see this! Plus a major bonus is that the actor who plays Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air (Joseph Marcell) is in it!

On Saturday (3rd Sept), my friend Tina touched down from Singapore and i went out to London to meet up with her and Vicky. Sadly we could only meet for an hour and a half since Tina was off to Paris later that evening. And even though Tina had gone back to Singapore for about 8 months, it seemed like we had never been apart. I love it when friendships are like this, you could be separated by time and countries, but nothing changes. Your friendship is still the same as before, no awkwardness at all. In fact there was not one moment of silence. Vicky and I roamed around central for a bit after Tina left, and ended up going to Snog for frozen yoghurt and whilst we were there, we managed to bump into my cousins (same cousins from Friday but this time with their younger sister too). Later that evening i was off to a Karaoke arranged by Karyan, finally using her £50 deposit from back in January! Tried to convince Vicky to come along but she rejected me 😦 lol. However i did manage to see Eugene, Sandra (finally!) and Jacqueline (who i had invited along to join us) at karaoke. My throat was so sore from singing that night, haha.

Sunday (5th Sept) was a more relaxing day. Went yum cha with my parents and grandma and bumped into Mei’s parents and grandparents, unfortunately Mei didn’t go. After being seated, i saw Zoe and her family come in. Really small world hehe. If Mei came it would have been a mini re-union! But we had all managed to see each other a few days before during Zoe’s bbq anyways. Today was also Sandra’s last day in London! She was moving to Belfast on Monday, so Karyan and I met her at Fire & Stone for a good bye dinner. We later went to Piccadilly Institute (my new favourite place XD – 50% off = YAY) for cocktails and we turned into caberet rejects! The three of us went a bit crazy with the photo taking and posing with glittered top hats! We probably have enough photos to last the next two years haha. It was the perfect ending to an awesome weekend.

Bit of a long update and i doubt anyone reads this blog anymore, but if you did read this entry i apologise for boring you. This post mainly serves to document this weekend for myself haha. It’s just one of those weekends that i think i would want to remember, so this post is here incase i forget =P

♥ Veronica ~x

18th June 2010

The 18th of June 2010 was a bit of a wonderful day.

My friend Sue from uni who was ill the week before and therefore could not attend my birthday had decided to make it up to me. Tina offered to make dinner for us at her place in Camden. Coincidentally, the 18th of June 2010 also happens to be the same date as my chinese birth date (五月初七) this year. So as it turned out, we were actually celebrating my birthday.

It was really great to catch up with everyone, because even though Vicky and Tina were both at my birthday the week before, we didn’t really have the chance to catch up properly. It was so nice to just sit down and chat about everything and anything – it seems like we never have topics that are off-limit. I laughed so much that night. It was a shame that we only met up for about 3 hours though, i was over an hour late due to transport and what not and then we all had to head home early since Camden was pretty far far from home for all of us. A longer catch-up is much needed.

Another reason that makes the 18th of June 2010 a memorable day is because my university results were out that day. I got home that night and nervously went online to check my results, and was overjoyed to find out that I’ve graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division) Honours degree! I got a 2:1! *heart attack over*!

Out of fear that i would get a bad result (with very legitimate reasons in believing so) i decided not to check it during the day because i didn’t want to spoil my mood before meeting up with my friends. But as it turns out all the worry was for nothing because i graduated with  a 2:1! I should have just checked it during the day and the mood would probably have been even better when i was out with my friends. I was so happy beyond words!

Oh… and 18th of June was also Ella from S.H.E’s birthday haha… yes i’m a crazy fangirl at the moment. So sue me xD.

♥ Veronica ~x


上星期四是我的生日, 話咁快又大一年啦, 大個女啦! 雖然有好多朋友唔得閒同我一齊慶祝, 但係今年的生日一樣過得很開心. 最開心的就是我好朋友ah Mei 來我屋企給我一個驚喜, 我D朋友從未試過畀surprise我, 所以真係好開心, thank you Mei! 當晚我同D朋友出去倫敦唱K, 唱得好high. Thank you everyone who came =D.

第一次用中文寫blog, 其實浪費咗好多時間, 都係寫英文快好多! 哈哈!

Even though some of you may never read this, i’d like to thank all my friends and family for making my 21st birthday so special.

♥ Veronica ~x

我媽咪整的雪糕生日蛋糕! ❤

生日禮物 ^__^



I think i can safely say that the Christmas festivities have finally ended! Its been a long week, so i think this will be an EXTRA LONG post, i thank you in advance if you’re gonna stick around and read it all 🙂

The Autumn term of uni was officially over, there was snow and it finally felt like Christmas was upon us. On Monday, my friends at uni who were international students and therefore had to stay on campus over the holidays decided to have a Christmas dinner. My friend Tina made a turkey! It was really nice to have a “traditional” dinner, though we also had a variety of other food like Korean pajeon (spring onion seafood pancake) and chicken wings in dark soy sauce. My friend Sue really topped everything off by making Tiramisu AND beautiful fruit tarts. It was a fabulously delicious dinner and we were all stuffed already around 20 minutes in haha. It was a really fun night and we stayed up and chatted until 5.30am without even realising!

My mum came to pick me up and bring me home from uni the next morning, when she called to let me know she was coming i had a quick shower and frantically packed all my things into my suitcase within half an hour since i was too tired to do any packing when i finally got back to my room the night before. Me and my mum then went to Kingston to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Met up with my good friends from Chinese school with plans of going to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and ice skating at the Tower of London’s outdoor ice rink. The public transport that day was atrocious! Trains were being delayed and cancelled left, right, and center! I was lucky to catch my train because the one scheduled for 4 minutes later was cancelled! I think it was then that i realised that the snow was actually more of a burden and hinderance than anything else. When we all finally arrived at our meeting point, we headed to Winter Wonderland and went on two of the rides, the first was a total rip-off and just gave us PAIN, the second one was worth it as it seemed to go on forever and ever, though it did get a bit cold going round and round again haha, but the smoke smelt of strawberries and was really calming in a weird way lol. Ended up at Eat Tokyo for dinner, found the place to be ok actually, though i think i may go back and try their lunch menu cos it seems cheaper hehe. Ice skating was kinda nightmare, it started raining when we got there and we tried skating in the rain, but it got really cold and watching people fall over into puddles of water was really off putting so i literally had my hand on the rail the whole time, i really did not want to fall and get all wet. I think next time it might be a better idea to go ice skating when the weather is more predictable, but then again the english weather is never predictable is it?

Christmas Eve finally arrived! Had a late night xmas eve  feast at my aunt’s takeaway. There was Lobster, garlic and spring onion prawns, plain boiled prawns, steamed Talbot fish, roast duck, and of course plenty of rice to go with it all. It was a sumptuous feast and nothing was left behind! After everything was cleared up, we headed back to my aunt’s house where the adults played a game of mahjong, me and my two cousins ended up going to my cousin’s room and chatted for ages about really random things and all i remember was that we laughed alot. We then ended up in my aunt and uncle’s room watching the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD boxset until 6am when the adults were done with their game!

Christmas Day was finally here! Woke up around 2pm, i was still feeling tired due to the night before but i had to start getting ready and have lunch before people started arriving at our house. My parents surprised me by getting me a Nintendo Wii – just in time for my cousins to molest at xmas! =.=. Apart from the Wii, another of my xmas presents which i just adore is a mobile string i got from my friend Mei, it was of my name spelt out with these cute metal letters. It’s tiny but i think its special and really thoughtful at the same time, my mum thinks i’m really long-winded cos i keep telling her how much i love it haha.

After getting a bit tired of playing with the Wii games, i decided to break out Partini again. I bought the game from Woolworths when it was closing down last Christmas, and it was sort of an impulse buy/substitute for not being able to find Uno haha. But turned out to be quite a good buy as me and my cousins really love this round called Hum Punch where you basically draw a card and on the card it has 5 songs from a category and you have to hum one of them whilst the other people on your team have to guess what song it is. We also get so much laughs from it as some people are rather bad at humming! lol. Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the tradition of card games, and us kids played card games whilst waiting for the adults to finish playing mahjong! We went through so many types of card games that night: snap, number snap, uno, blackjack (21 version), blackjack (or apparently it’s also called “rummy”), go fish, “7 level pig”/penner/spoons/whatever you want to call it., cheat etc. Our night ended around 6am again! >.<

Boxing Day rolled in, and i just about managed to wake up around 3pm! Super super tired! But the entire extended family were coming over again for some hot pot, so i had to get myself ready and have a little something to eat. We started to play on the Wii again, and decided to try out this game my parents go me called Let’s Tap. One of the options in the game was a running game, where you tap and make this little man run, two of my cousins were competing against each other and had to avoid these objects that move up and down, everyone was watching and cheering them on to tap faster to make the little person run faster, everyone burst out laughing when suddenly the little person got squished by an object dropping down, it was so unexpected, and you could see the person actually squished all flat onto the floor lol. But yeah i think we were all pretty tired that night and just ended up watching movies on TV. First we watched Kung Fu Hustle, then we caught the second half of Aeon Flux, and then the last half hour of The Fugitive. We were too tired to even play games, so just ended up watching episodes of Two and a Half Men and Cybill lol, our night ended slightly earlier, around 4.30am lol.

I eventually woke up at 4pm that day, the lack of sleep really caught up with me. I didn’t even bother having lunch and just had dinner around 6pm, my aunts and uncles came around again to play mahjong, two of them were really keen and arrived just as we were going to have dinner, i thought it was super weird since none of them had dinner yet and we didn’t plan on doing anything that day. It was gonna be super boring at home for me so i decided to ask my cousin if i could go to the cinema with him and his friends to watch Avatar. All the cousins ended up going to the Odeon, though two of them went to see Sherlock Holmes since they had already seen Avatar. Avatar was a bit epic, especially in 3D, though i think they could have done more with the 3D effects as i noticed some parts that were left in 2D, and parts of the storyline was a bit predictable but overall it was quite a good film.

We got out of the cinema around midnight and ended up going back to my cousin’s house to hang out for a while. Us girls went upstairs to chat whilst the guys played on the ps3 downstairs and before we knew it, it was 2am and we decided to head back to mine since some of the parents were still at my house. We waited around, watching tv until 4am until they finally finished playing mahjong and left. It felt like such a relief to know that people would not be coming around any more, i mean it was nice to have everyone around for christmas, but anything beyond 2-3 days was getting a bit much. I mean it sounds rude but at that time i was just thinking to myself “do these people not have homes to be in?” lol, i mean like everyone elses’s relatives i’m sure, mine get a bit annoying after a while.

Woke up at a slightly earlier time of 1pm that day to go into Kingston to catch the post-xmas sales. Didn’t really manage to buy anything, but i did see my friend Yvonne in McDonalds. McD’s was PACKED and there were soooo many chinese people there! And alot of them were actually from Chinese school, saw the other Yvonne on my way out and my mum saw some other woman she knew of on her way to the toilets lol. I guess it was the place to be that day!


And i guess that brings the festivities full circle, it’s been a really long post and kinda turned into just a log of what i was up to, haha i apologise if you found that utterly boring to read xD.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

♥ Veronica ~x

Xmas Shopping~

I guess today kinda meant that xmas holidays officially began. I finally got a much needed lie-in, though i did wake up briefly at 11.30 and forced myself back to sleep hehe.

Campus was calm today, though there were still quite a few people roaming about. I guess either alcohol-induced bed rest kept them inside or the cold, snowy outside kept them from going out of their halls. But i needed to go to town and do some much needed last minute christmas presents, and needless to say the town was packed with hundreds of people who were also last minute shopping.

Minus the downside of crowds though, my shopping trip was a rather successful one, i did almost all of my gift shopping, apart from 2 more which i still need to get. Hopefully i will be able to get them tomorrow or on monday. I hope they will still be available in the shops cos i already have a rough idea what i’m going to buy. Thats the thing with me, i sorta plan my gifts so it takes me bloody long to buy things, i see things and ruminate about them, thinking whether it would be of any use to the person and whether they would like it. I like getting things for people that are practical – i.e. that they will use it. Though i must admit sometimes i don’t really put much thought into it, but thats only for the friends who seem to get me the most random things that i will never use, its like “gee clearly you put SO much thought into the gift”. It’s like when people say “oh its the thought that counts” YES what you get in the end doesn’t really matter, but it’d also be nice to know that you actually put some little THOUGHT into it.

Or is it because i care a bit too much? meh..

I mean its not just xmas gifts i’m talking about, its the whole gift-giving thing in general. Either put some thought into my gift or just give me the money to buy it myself. My worst gifts to date have been an xmas gift which was a FREE diary that came with Elle Magazine. Atleast give me the magazine y’know? And also a Ricky Gervais DVD, i mean wtf?  Clearly this “good friend” doesn’t know me at all, out of all the comdeians out there Ricky Gervais does not rank high on my fave comedians list. Gah i guess it really is the thought that counts, but seriously sometimes its just like i seem to know people better than they know me, its frustrating.

[/rant over]

Onto a happier note, i will be seeing my friends Tina and Sue tomorrow. So i’m gonna go catch some zzz’s.

♥ Veronica ~x

For Good

It’s been a long week and i feel like i haven’t really had time to just sit down and relax, so much has happened in the past few days. So yeah i’m gonna break this post down into parts (also this post is kinda a rant, so i’m giving you prior warning now lol):

I had to wake up at 7.30am on thursday morning and get to a baby clinic at a children’s school in Hillingdon and had to catch the 8.35am bus, but it takes like 20mins to walk from my halls to the bus stop (as they are literally on the opposite sides of campus, so it was a trek!). Also at this point i’d like to say that tfl.org totally lied to me because it told me the bus journey would be at least a half hour long, i got there after 15 minutes which made me about 25 minutes too early. But one of the people i’m working with also got there early so at least i wasn’t hanging outside a kiddie’s school like a total perve lol. Oh i should mention that we were there to recruit babies to participate in our study for our final year university dissertation project. Basically we had to talk to the mothers and give out leaflets, cross our fingers and hope that some of them would call us and tell us that they would be interested in taking part.

After spending 2 hours doing that, we finally went back to campus and had about an hour for lunch before having to set out again to recruit more prticipants, this time it was at uxbridge health centre. The bus took 40 minutes to arrive at the bus stop, so i was freaking out about being late and when i got there the health cetre was freaking hard to find! There was more than one entrance and after being on the phone to one of the other students  for what seemed like forever, i finally found my way there. I get there and our supervisor isnt even there yet (it was such a relief but i also felt kinda angry that she was late… ). When she finally got there she handed us a giant wad of paper which we had to fold into leaflet format,whilst she went to chat to one of the health centre people. After all of that it became clear that there wasn’t alot of infants in that day because it was half term and we were told to go home. SUCH A WASTE OF TIME! I was just so tired that day… but no rest for me just yet…

After a tiring morning/afternoon i also had to head to the airport. My good friend Victor was going back to HK for good =(. Me and my other friends headed over to his house and then we all took a taxi to the airport together. Wethen had dinner at the airport, the food wasn’t great but the company i had more than made up for it, we always have such laughs when we’re together and i’m really going to miss him. Though when i was at the airport i didnt really feel too sad i have no idea why though, maybe because in the last two weeks leading up to that point we had tried to meet up and do things together as much as possible, trying to make the most of the time he had left in the uk so i guess mentally i was already built up for him to leave us. But when we were leaving and he was inside the duty free area, he was texting us and he mentioned that knowing us has changed him for the better. Now only fellow Wicked fans would find this significant, but me and Victor are a bit obsessed with Wicked and i told him that when he leaves, the song “For Good” from Wicked the musical would remind me of him. I went home and listened to the song and it made me feel so sad that he had left, but hopefully i will see him again one day, i’m sure he’ll probably come visit us in the UK or i’ll go visit him in HK. Anyways, this song is dedicated to all my good friends out there:

Waoh that was a long post, anyways, nothing all that much noteworthy happened on friday apart from having a long day of lectures so i decided to go back home and recuperate for the weekend! I actually miss my own bed soooo much!

Hope everyone is having a great Halloween weekend =D

♥ Veronica ~x