Reading Week

So its my reading week, and i presume i’m actually meant to do work / “reading” during this time. For the past two years of my uni life i went home for the whole of reading week and never did anything lol, but then again i don’t recollect having any pressing deadlines back in first or second year during that time. Anyways, this reading week is no exception as i went back home on Friday night for a long weekend and also to attend my friend’s 17th birthday party.

I came back to campus on Tuesday night since i have to do that recruitment thing on Thursdays and also i thought i’d actually try and get some work done since my essay is due next Thursday! Eek! But yeah so far i haven’t really done much >.<. On wednesday i did a little bit of reading for the essay and wrote a few things down but then later that night i went over to my friend’s flat for dinner since it was our friend’s 21st birthday and then we all headed to Liquid for the night. It was really fun, just dancing away since i haven’t been clubbing in ages now. But after taking a shot one of my guy friends threw up and he ran all the way outside and threw up some more >.<. He was seen by two security guards and so they wouldn’t let him back inside, so our clubbing night ended at 12:30! Just slightly after an hour we arrived. But it was ok we headed back to my friend’s flat and played games and chatted for ages, and ended up playing Bomberman on her Wii until 4am! haha So yeah at 4am i was like “Oh crap, i need to get going” since i had to wake up at 8am to go recruiting.

So when i got back to my own room, i decided to check my email before sleeping. My supervisor sent me an email saying that she couldn’t go to the recruitment thing cos she fell and cracked her ribs and fractured her elbow, at which point i was just really unimpressed because the day before the girl who was meant to come recruiting with me sent me an email saying she couldn’t go because she had to do training in the morning and the guy we were working with had gone back to spain for reading week so i had to recruit all by myself this morning. Though the upside was that i could give myself a little bit of extra time in bed xD.

So yeah its been another exhausting Thursday, but the night is still young (yes i do realise its nearly 2am atm but meh, its still early for me =P) so i’m gonna try and type up the notes i have into an actual essay!  Hopefully i will get most of it done by the weekend so i wont be panicking over it on Wednesday night.

♥ Veronica ~x