Last Few Weeks of 2012

The last few weeks of 2012 had been oddly hectic, everything seemed to happen all at once, one after another. I was so free in the previous weeks by comparison. But these few weeks have also been very memorable.

Let’s see, on the 9th i began working a one-week temp job of stuffing and franking envelopes for a private medical practice. My friend asked me to join her in doing this job, and we would be earning 12p per envelope. Every time i recount this story to people, they think it’s an easy job but honestly its one of the most menial things i’ve done! Very monotonous, and we had to handwrite all the addresses onto the envelopes because they decided to ‘save money’ and not order envelopes with windows.  Stuffing large envelopes consisted of including a 2013 calendar with the actual letter and adding a plain piece of paper as ‘backing’, which to be honest i think was such a waste of paper! Not very environmentally friendly at all, and if they didn’t bother with the paper they probably could have bought the windowed envelopes! Stuffing the smaller envelopes was slightly easier, we had to fold the letters to size and add a flat magnet. I know it all sounds really simple, but actually if you factor in writing the addresses on, sealing the letters and stamping/franking the letters it took bloody ages. At the end of the day, we averaged about 500 letters between us. That’s £30 each, for a whole day’s work which didn’t include any proper breaks just a short 10 minutes for lunch and then maybe a quick 5 minute coffee/tea break. We were meant to be working 9-6, but in actuality we stayed til 6:30pm and sometimes 7pm so it works out worse than minimum wage, and we were not getting paid by the hour. We were also expected to post the letters, and we had to take time out to hunt for the nearest post office or post box that had a letter box big enough to fit the letters in. Basically, the take home story from this one week’s experience is that i now appreciate letters more. Behind every letter that comes in through the post – be it a proper letter or just spam mail or what have you – is probably a poor sap like me stuffing the envelopes! Thankfully, we only ended up working for 3 days.

On 12/12/12 at 12:12pm, i was still stuffing envelopes lol, well we took a short break to make tea and coffee but nothing special happened. And after a day of envelope stuffing i met up with a friend from my masters course for dinner. She wanted to borrow my notes, as she has to retake some modules this year. I was really tired but was happy to meet up with her as i know how much she struggles with the course, and really want her to do well. And since she moved to london to be closer to work, i rarely see her now. And she also gave me my first Christmas card and gift of the year 🙂

Then on the 13th was my friend’s 21st birthday. The plan was to surprise her at the restaurant, but we later found out that someone had let something slip so it wasn’t too much of a surprise after all. But nonetheless, it was really fun. I don’t really get to see these friends that often, mainly because when i met them they were all first year university students whilst i just started my masters course. During the year of my course i was so immersed in all the work that i had hardly any time to do social things so i never really initiated plans for meetups, and now that i’ve finished my course, the chances of meeting up seem even less. But i’m glad that from time to time that they still think of me and try to include me in things, hopefully this will stay the same in the coming year. Oh yeah, and there was some drama at the restaurant! A fight broke out between two groups of diners there, one group was there for a wake and another just some kind of party/gathering. No one quite knows what happened, we only saw three people arguing/fighting up the staircase but apparently someone got injured in the car park after the people in the restaurant tried to break it up. At the end of the night, the police wanted to question all the diners to see if anyone saw or heard anything.

And now we move onto the 14th! A day that i won’t be forgetting any time soon! I SAW BIGBANG LIVE IN CONCERT!! Yes, i got to see them live at Wembley Arena! Our seats were soooo good! And i never thought i had it in me, but i turned into a complete utter fangirl. Bigbang’s english is so cute, especially Daesung! I left the concert completely in love with him, his english was just too adorable. And omg, Taeyang my love. Best moment was watching him rip off his shirt haha. Oh yeah and Taeyang had a nosebleed at the beginning, but he just shoved a tissue up his nose and carried on. Bless him, and i love him more now because of his the-show-must-go-on attitude. Okay, i think i’ve fangirled enough in real life so i will now swiftly move on haha.

The next day, i met up with my old uni friends for Christmas dinner. Hadn’t seen most of them for more than half a year, so it was good to finally get the whole group together and just catch up! We’re always missing either one or two of us when we try to meet up, so it was really nice to get to be together before the year came to an end. We didn’t really do anything too special, just Christmas dinner at a bistro and then we went to a dessert place to just hang out and catch up some more. But really what we did wasn’t too important, the main point was to see everyone ^__^.

Finally, the 17th was a day to remember. I met up with my friends from Chinese school, and it was almost a complete group meet-up, but unfortunately someone fell ill. However, it was such a fun day. We had dim sum, then dessert at candy cafe then headed to The Magical ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland where we managed to take lots of nice photos together. A recent group photo has been long overdue! A couple of people had to leave early, but those of us who stayed went on to try out this ramen bar called Bone Daddies. Definitely recommend going there, and i totally understand why it’s so popular, the bone broth of their ramen is so good and i especially loved the soft boiled eggs that come with the ramen.

On the 18th, i went in for my volunteering session with the children centre. It would be the last session before they took a break for the holiday period, so there was a christmas “party”. Just some festive snacks and things for the parents and children, and christmas craft making. This brings us to the week before Christmas, spent most of the week just trying to get all the Christmas shopping done with my mum, food for actual Christmas day and of course gifts for family and relatives.

On the 22nd, i managed to squeeze in a meet-up with the bestie. I haven’t seen her for half a year as she moved to York to study so it was good to finally see her face. We just had a quick catch up meal and post-apocalypse celebration waffles lol. Then just helped my friend look for a Christmas present for her mum lol.

I guess really when you look at the weeks as a whole, nothing too major had happened. But it was eventful and this entry is just another log for myself to remember what had happened in the last few weeks of the year. If you actually read this entire entry, you have earned yourself a cookie :D.

♥ Veronica ~x


It’s not Christmas

When my mother told me that next weekend is Christmas, i was in disbelief. I couldn’t believe that Christmas was coming so soon. It’s as if Christmas literally crept up on me out of nowhere this year. I have no idea why, but i’m just not feeling it this year. I don’t have that excitement or anticipation that i’ve felt in the past years — i’m just lacking that festivity feeling.

It actually snowed during December this year, and yet that has failed to put me in a Christmas spirit. It just feels like any other time of the year. It’s strange because i’ve always felt it. I guess maybe i’m just getting too old for Christmas. We’re not bothering to take out the Christmas tree this year and there’s no decorations. We’re also not having that big gathering of relatives at my house this year (which has been happening for the last 4 or 5 years now) — but to be honest, i’m rather relieved about that since it means i wont have to go around cleaning the mess when everyone is gone, and it will definitely be saving my parents heaps on the electricity bill, not to mention spending less on stocking up on food, snacks and drinks. I haven’t been doing presents shopping (well, excluding shopping with my mum to buy chocolates for the relatives) and I haven’t been writing Christmas cards. I just haven’t done any of those Christmassy activities.

The one thing that i have done is eat Christmas dinner on the first day that i started work (which was last Thursday). I even came home with one of those mini live Christmas trees. Even so, i’m just not feeling it.

I’m hoping when Christmas eve or Christmas day hits, i’ll be feeling the festivity. But i guess for now, i’ll just continue attempting to get myself into the Christmas mood by making hot cocoa topped off with marshmallows, and taking care of my teeny Christmas tree.

♥ Veronica ~x


I think i can safely say that the Christmas festivities have finally ended! Its been a long week, so i think this will be an EXTRA LONG post, i thank you in advance if you’re gonna stick around and read it all 🙂

The Autumn term of uni was officially over, there was snow and it finally felt like Christmas was upon us. On Monday, my friends at uni who were international students and therefore had to stay on campus over the holidays decided to have a Christmas dinner. My friend Tina made a turkey! It was really nice to have a “traditional” dinner, though we also had a variety of other food like Korean pajeon (spring onion seafood pancake) and chicken wings in dark soy sauce. My friend Sue really topped everything off by making Tiramisu AND beautiful fruit tarts. It was a fabulously delicious dinner and we were all stuffed already around 20 minutes in haha. It was a really fun night and we stayed up and chatted until 5.30am without even realising!

My mum came to pick me up and bring me home from uni the next morning, when she called to let me know she was coming i had a quick shower and frantically packed all my things into my suitcase within half an hour since i was too tired to do any packing when i finally got back to my room the night before. Me and my mum then went to Kingston to do some last minute Christmas shopping.

Met up with my good friends from Chinese school with plans of going to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland and ice skating at the Tower of London’s outdoor ice rink. The public transport that day was atrocious! Trains were being delayed and cancelled left, right, and center! I was lucky to catch my train because the one scheduled for 4 minutes later was cancelled! I think it was then that i realised that the snow was actually more of a burden and hinderance than anything else. When we all finally arrived at our meeting point, we headed to Winter Wonderland and went on two of the rides, the first was a total rip-off and just gave us PAIN, the second one was worth it as it seemed to go on forever and ever, though it did get a bit cold going round and round again haha, but the smoke smelt of strawberries and was really calming in a weird way lol. Ended up at Eat Tokyo for dinner, found the place to be ok actually, though i think i may go back and try their lunch menu cos it seems cheaper hehe. Ice skating was kinda nightmare, it started raining when we got there and we tried skating in the rain, but it got really cold and watching people fall over into puddles of water was really off putting so i literally had my hand on the rail the whole time, i really did not want to fall and get all wet. I think next time it might be a better idea to go ice skating when the weather is more predictable, but then again the english weather is never predictable is it?

Christmas Eve finally arrived! Had a late night xmas eve  feast at my aunt’s takeaway. There was Lobster, garlic and spring onion prawns, plain boiled prawns, steamed Talbot fish, roast duck, and of course plenty of rice to go with it all. It was a sumptuous feast and nothing was left behind! After everything was cleared up, we headed back to my aunt’s house where the adults played a game of mahjong, me and my two cousins ended up going to my cousin’s room and chatted for ages about really random things and all i remember was that we laughed alot. We then ended up in my aunt and uncle’s room watching the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. DVD boxset until 6am when the adults were done with their game!

Christmas Day was finally here! Woke up around 2pm, i was still feeling tired due to the night before but i had to start getting ready and have lunch before people started arriving at our house. My parents surprised me by getting me a Nintendo Wii – just in time for my cousins to molest at xmas! =.=. Apart from the Wii, another of my xmas presents which i just adore is a mobile string i got from my friend Mei, it was of my name spelt out with these cute metal letters. It’s tiny but i think its special and really thoughtful at the same time, my mum thinks i’m really long-winded cos i keep telling her how much i love it haha.

After getting a bit tired of playing with the Wii games, i decided to break out Partini again. I bought the game from Woolworths when it was closing down last Christmas, and it was sort of an impulse buy/substitute for not being able to find Uno haha. But turned out to be quite a good buy as me and my cousins really love this round called Hum Punch where you basically draw a card and on the card it has 5 songs from a category and you have to hum one of them whilst the other people on your team have to guess what song it is. We also get so much laughs from it as some people are rather bad at humming! lol. Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the tradition of card games, and us kids played card games whilst waiting for the adults to finish playing mahjong! We went through so many types of card games that night: snap, number snap, uno, blackjack (21 version), blackjack (or apparently it’s also called “rummy”), go fish, “7 level pig”/penner/spoons/whatever you want to call it., cheat etc. Our night ended around 6am again! >.<

Boxing Day rolled in, and i just about managed to wake up around 3pm! Super super tired! But the entire extended family were coming over again for some hot pot, so i had to get myself ready and have a little something to eat. We started to play on the Wii again, and decided to try out this game my parents go me called Let’s Tap. One of the options in the game was a running game, where you tap and make this little man run, two of my cousins were competing against each other and had to avoid these objects that move up and down, everyone was watching and cheering them on to tap faster to make the little person run faster, everyone burst out laughing when suddenly the little person got squished by an object dropping down, it was so unexpected, and you could see the person actually squished all flat onto the floor lol. But yeah i think we were all pretty tired that night and just ended up watching movies on TV. First we watched Kung Fu Hustle, then we caught the second half of Aeon Flux, and then the last half hour of The Fugitive. We were too tired to even play games, so just ended up watching episodes of Two and a Half Men and Cybill lol, our night ended slightly earlier, around 4.30am lol.

I eventually woke up at 4pm that day, the lack of sleep really caught up with me. I didn’t even bother having lunch and just had dinner around 6pm, my aunts and uncles came around again to play mahjong, two of them were really keen and arrived just as we were going to have dinner, i thought it was super weird since none of them had dinner yet and we didn’t plan on doing anything that day. It was gonna be super boring at home for me so i decided to ask my cousin if i could go to the cinema with him and his friends to watch Avatar. All the cousins ended up going to the Odeon, though two of them went to see Sherlock Holmes since they had already seen Avatar. Avatar was a bit epic, especially in 3D, though i think they could have done more with the 3D effects as i noticed some parts that were left in 2D, and parts of the storyline was a bit predictable but overall it was quite a good film.

We got out of the cinema around midnight and ended up going back to my cousin’s house to hang out for a while. Us girls went upstairs to chat whilst the guys played on the ps3 downstairs and before we knew it, it was 2am and we decided to head back to mine since some of the parents were still at my house. We waited around, watching tv until 4am until they finally finished playing mahjong and left. It felt like such a relief to know that people would not be coming around any more, i mean it was nice to have everyone around for christmas, but anything beyond 2-3 days was getting a bit much. I mean it sounds rude but at that time i was just thinking to myself “do these people not have homes to be in?” lol, i mean like everyone elses’s relatives i’m sure, mine get a bit annoying after a while.

Woke up at a slightly earlier time of 1pm that day to go into Kingston to catch the post-xmas sales. Didn’t really manage to buy anything, but i did see my friend Yvonne in McDonalds. McD’s was PACKED and there were soooo many chinese people there! And alot of them were actually from Chinese school, saw the other Yvonne on my way out and my mum saw some other woman she knew of on her way to the toilets lol. I guess it was the place to be that day!


And i guess that brings the festivities full circle, it’s been a really long post and kinda turned into just a log of what i was up to, haha i apologise if you found that utterly boring to read xD.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

♥ Veronica ~x

Xmas Shopping~

I guess today kinda meant that xmas holidays officially began. I finally got a much needed lie-in, though i did wake up briefly at 11.30 and forced myself back to sleep hehe.

Campus was calm today, though there were still quite a few people roaming about. I guess either alcohol-induced bed rest kept them inside or the cold, snowy outside kept them from going out of their halls. But i needed to go to town and do some much needed last minute christmas presents, and needless to say the town was packed with hundreds of people who were also last minute shopping.

Minus the downside of crowds though, my shopping trip was a rather successful one, i did almost all of my gift shopping, apart from 2 more which i still need to get. Hopefully i will be able to get them tomorrow or on monday. I hope they will still be available in the shops cos i already have a rough idea what i’m going to buy. Thats the thing with me, i sorta plan my gifts so it takes me bloody long to buy things, i see things and ruminate about them, thinking whether it would be of any use to the person and whether they would like it. I like getting things for people that are practical – i.e. that they will use it. Though i must admit sometimes i don’t really put much thought into it, but thats only for the friends who seem to get me the most random things that i will never use, its like “gee clearly you put SO much thought into the gift”. It’s like when people say “oh its the thought that counts” YES what you get in the end doesn’t really matter, but it’d also be nice to know that you actually put some little THOUGHT into it.

Or is it because i care a bit too much? meh..

I mean its not just xmas gifts i’m talking about, its the whole gift-giving thing in general. Either put some thought into my gift or just give me the money to buy it myself. My worst gifts to date have been an xmas gift which was a FREE diary that came with Elle Magazine. Atleast give me the magazine y’know? And also a Ricky Gervais DVD, i mean wtf?  Clearly this “good friend” doesn’t know me at all, out of all the comdeians out there Ricky Gervais does not rank high on my fave comedians list. Gah i guess it really is the thought that counts, but seriously sometimes its just like i seem to know people better than they know me, its frustrating.

[/rant over]

Onto a happier note, i will be seeing my friends Tina and Sue tomorrow. So i’m gonna go catch some zzz’s.

♥ Veronica ~x


As i wished for last night, my lecture was cancelled today! I set my alarm for 11.30am just so i could wake up and check my email haha and low and behold, in my inbox there was an email sitting there sent from my lecturer. The good news is that because today’s lecture was meant to be a seminar for our essay next term, the essay deadline has been pushed back! ^__^ today is a good day~

The good thing is that overnight it didn’t snow much and we weren’t snowed in today so the uni was open as usual and i could still go to the office and hand in a paper copy of my essay! I’m sooo relieved now, i’ve FINALLY finished this term and begun my Christmas holiday!

Will be off to my friend’s for a Christmas party/ leaving party for a friend at 6.30pm, so i’m off for a quick nap and then start getting ready. I’m really tired cos i only got about 5 hours sleep since my flatmates got drunk and really loud at 5am! >__<  Then i woke up at 11:30am to check my email and couldn’t fall back asleep since the cleaners came in to clean the bathroom.

Anyways, hope everyone is celebrating their last day of term!

♥ Veronica ~x


I’ve missed blogging, if i could i would update everyday, but then again when there isn’t anything blog-worthy, what is the point right?

Well i’ve finally finished doing my second essay and shall be handing it in tomorrow! It started snowing whilst i was trying to finish off my essay and i so desperately wanted to go outside and play in the snow, it really didn’t help to hear other students running outside my halls. But i finally finished my essay at 8pm, had my dinner and then went outside around 10pm.  I felt like a child again, but to be honest i don’t even remember playing in the snow much as a child. But yes, snowballs were thrown and snow angels were made, it felt like such good release after finishing my essay. It was good to hang out with my friends and the atmosphere was so happy with everyone on campus running around, making snowmen etc. It really feels like Christmas is upon us now, let’s keep our fingers crossed that it shall be a snowy Christmas!

On the other hand i really hope we won’t be snowed in since i still need to hand in a hard copy of my essay into the office, so fingers crossed it wont be closed!

I’m gonna cuddle up with a cup of hot cocoa and catch up on my series now. Hope everyone wraps up warm!

Note to self: buy a wooly hat

♥ Veronica ~x

One step forward, two steps back

Haii~ Having some major writer’s block at the moment. Can’t seem to focus on doing my essays at all, and when i do try, the attention is only very limited. I’ve done reading about the same parts so many times but from different textbooks and its just so confusing. I thought i made progress with the whole essay writing thing when i finally completed my first consciousness essay, and i felt like i was equipped with the correct tools to tackle the two next essays, but it turns out that’s not even remotely true. It feels like i’ve just regressed and gone backwards, instead of becoming more efficient i’ve become less and less productive. And the worst thing is i have no idea how to fix it.

If only writing the damn essay came as easily as blogging, every word just flowing out effortlessly. I suppose it beats sitting an exam. Actually i think the looming deadlines have hindered me instead of making me work better, even though i used to be so good at working under pressure.

The fact that i know i won’t be getting a break for a long time just makes me want to rebel and stop being productive altogether. I have two essays due in for the last week of term, one due for the 15th and the other on the 18th. 18th being the day i break up for christmas holidays. To make matters worse i only get two weeks off for christmas this year and i have to spend it writing yet another essay that’s due in the first week back. Over christmas i’d also have to work on writing the draft of my dissertation which is due some time in February and then the final dissertation is due in March. When all that is done, it will be time to start revising for exams. It feels like i won’t even have a moment to stop and take a breath!

I’m in desperate need of an escape, for fear of going insane!

♥ Veronica ~x