If only…

Someone (M) tried to call me today… if only that someone was you.

Someone (K) came to my part of town today… if only that someone was you.

Someone (B) drove me home tonight… if only that someone was you.

All these guys, but not the one I want.

I wish i knew what was going on. But you seem to want to keep the answers a secret from me.


Seven Years

Seven years.

Seven years today, my grandad passed away. To think that he’s been gone for that long seems… unbelievable. Time has passed by so quickly. Seven years ago i was just 16 years old and was in my first year of sixth form (AS levels).

The years may have passed without much notice, but i still hold him in my heart. I really miss him. When i was younger, i used to always think about my whole family being present during my big life events, but life never turns out the way you imagined. It’s my graduation ceremony for my Masters degree in two days – yet another graduation which my grandad is not able to see.

Grandad, i miss you, and i’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday.

♥ Veronica ~x

Our last Christmas together, 2005.
Our last Christmas together, 2005.


Here’s an update on Veronica’s oh-so-interesting life (!). What’s new? Well, first off, my life as a volunteer has basically grind to a halt. In a previous post i mentioned that my CRB check for the NAS has come through, well the lady finally got back to me (2 days later than when she said […]

Little Korea & Haagen-Dazs Cafe

In keeping with my aim of blogging more, here’s a new post! Two days ago, i ventured into central London with two friends for dinner. We ended up going to Little Korea near Chinatown. I’ve been wanting to try ‘LiKo’ for a while now, as i’ve known quite a few people who have been there, and heard some good things about it. But honestly, my experience there was rather disappointing. LiKo are meant to specialise in both Korean and Japanese food, but i do not recommend getting Japanese food from here! Those who know me know that i am a massive foodie and love taking photos of my food adventures, however, i think the fact that i have no photos of the food i ate here shows how disappointed i was about it!

We ordered the Koko Maki to share between the three of us as a starter, my friends ordered the beef rib broth and soft shell crab katsu as main meals, and i ordered the chicken bento box. The Koko Maki arrived first, but as soon as my friend took a bite into a piece of maki, she warned me that my chicken bento box (which is meant to come with pieces of maki and sashimi) might not be good. Why? Because the sushi rice was wet and soggy! I’ve never had soggy sushi in a restaurant, ever! Nevertheless, i brushed it off saying that as i also had sashimi and chicken in my bento, it should be okay even if the sushi rice in the maki isn’t good.

But oh, how wrong i was! When the bento box arrived i was shocked at how it looked. It was not appetising at all, and my friend said a phrase which really sums it up – “your chicken is sliced like sashimi, and your sashimi is sliced like chicken”. It was really nothing spectacular, and at a price tag of £13.50, i was expecting some oomph! The taste of the chicken can only be described as okay, and the sashimi looked like it had been sitting out for hours. I’ve had better looking and tasting sushi for similar/cheaper prices – £12.50/£13.00 from Noodle Foodle in Wimbledon springs to mind, and also for slightly more at £15 for a variety of sushi bentos at Eat Tokyo. My friend wasn’t too fond of the soft shell crab katsu either, and the only person who was satisfied with the meal was my friend who ordered the beef rib broth. So, i guess the moral of the story is if you ever find yourself in Little Korea, stick to ordering food from the country of it’s namesake! If you want to avoid disappointment, then you’d be wise to not order from the Japanese section.

After a disappointing dinner, we went to play some pool before getting dessert at the Haagen-Dazs cafe in Leicester Square. It was the highlight of the night for me. We ordered the Fondue for two, shared between the three of us. It looked just like the photo in the menu, and tasted so heavenly! Definitely no disappointment here!


Haagen-Dazs’ Fondue: Belgian Milk Chocolate, Fresh Fruit, 16 scoops of ice cream, Brownies & Cookies.

 photo 2 photo 4

Ice cream dipped in warm belgian milk chocolate & raspberry daiquiri made with fruit sorbet ^^

photo 3

All gone!

Well that brings this post to an end. This is my first proper ‘review’ of food i guess. I’ve been thinking that since i take so many photos of food and post them on instagram, i should start a foodie blog hehe, but we shall see. It’s hard enough remembering to update this one =P.

♥ Veronica ~x

201314 ~

Today is 201314! In Chinese (Mandarin), when you say the numbers together it sounds like 愛你一生一世 which translates into love you forever! Cute right? So i am dedicating this post to all my beloved family and friends.

So despite my enthusiasm for the new year bringing a brand new beginning, this first week of 2013 has been going relatively slow for me. I haven’t really done anything since the 1st, but things will be picking up for me in the next few days/next week. The children’s group i volunteer for will be open again after closing for the festive break, and a few weeks back i applied to volunteer for the National Autistic Society. I’m rather keen to start volunteering for the NAS, as one of my interests lie in atypical development and the NAS offer to train you beforehand on how to work with people who are Autistic. My CRB check has come back, and the lady said that she will be emailing me details come Monday, i really can’t wait to get some actual experience of working with people who have ASD.

Back in December, i bought myself a 2013 diary planner. I was already feeling optimistic about the new year back then, and can’t wait to fill up the pages with ‘appointments’! Be it social, work, or volunteering, i just want to be active and doing things this year. Really hoping to find a job soon, job seeking is really tedious. And i need a way of funding my love of shopping! He he~

Lookie how cute my planner is xD
Lookie how cute my planner is xD
Back of the diary ^^
Back of the diary ^^

In other news, i hired my graduation gown online last night. It set me back £44! But nevertheless, i’m looking forward to officially calling myself a Master of Science! And also seeing my international student friends again! 🙂 This time round i really want a graduation plushie, but not sure if getting one for myself will be deemed as a little sad lol.

♥ Veronica ~x

Hello 2013! ♥

It’s finally 2013, so let me start off by wishing you all a happy new year. Hope that the year ahead will be filled with more wonderful memories!

2012 has had it’s fair share of highs and lows, and if i’m honest i’m glad it’s over and i’m looking forward to a fresh new start. But i don’t want to dwell on the bad, so i guess i’ll just mention my highlights of 2012. The major highlight of 2012 for me came on November 21st when i found out that i received a distinction for my masters in child psychology, it felt really good to know that all my hard work really paid off. I haven’t always been the best academically, despite attending a high school that was a grammar school where everyone is considered to excel academically, i always seemed to be the “bottom of the best” as it were. So now, achieving a distinction makes me feel like i’ve finally had the opportunity to show my full academic potential. This is my proudest achievement to date.

Another highlight of 2012 was getting to see Bigbang live in concert on December 14th. It’s kind of funny actually, because i wasn’t a major fan (read as: super fangirl) of Bigbang and actually stopped listening to their music (well, all kpop music in general) but when i heard they were coming over for their tour i got caught up amongst everyone else’s excitement and ended up buying a ticket. Bigbang was the only kpop band besides 2NE1 that i actually properly listened to and liked, so i’m really glad i got caught up in the moment because the concert was amazing. The seats we got had a great view, and it made forking out all that money on a ticket totally worth it. And i turned into a massive fangirl at the concert – something i didn’t know that i could ever turn into.

One more highlight was my summer. Summer 2012 was pretty awesome, mainly because i had the opportunity to go on holiday to Barcelona with some of my friends from Chinese school. We don’t get to see each other often, but this group of friends are actually some of my oldest friends whom i’ve known for more than 10 years! I met most of them when i was 11 or 12, so i’ve known them for literally half of my life. I think it’s hard to maintain friendships, especially over distance and time, but i’m really glad that we have remained friends. And we also managed to squeeze in a lot of meet-ups as a group this summer such as going to the beach, hot pot etc. I just wanted to say that i love you guys, you know who you are 🙂

Memories from Barcelona~

For New Year’s Eve this year, my friends and i had a girly night out at the Playkrown NYE event, and we spent countdown inside Apt bar. I knew quite a lot of people who turned up to the event, so all in all NYE was a great night.

So now onto 2013. After waking up in the afternoon, we kick-started New Years Day by having brunch. Later in the evening i had dinner at home with my family and then my mum and i went to the cinema to catch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s been a lovely first day of the year, and i’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year pans out!

At Playkrown, ignore the creepy guy photobombing our lovely photo 😦

First meal of 2013. I went for a good old English breakfast ^^

I already have a couple of things to look forward to in my diary, i’ll be graduating at the end of the month so i’ll officially be a Master of Science! And in exactly one month’s time (Feb 1st) i’ll be jetting off to Malaysia to celebrate Chinese New Year! I’m excited to make new and wonderful memories this year. I feel optimistic about 2013 and I will be writing down a list of goals that i want to achieve this year, and one thing that’s already on there is to find a good job in my chosen field, so wish me luck!

I know i say this quite often, but hopefully i will blog more often this year, and i will make an effort to include photos too.

So, before i go, let me wish you all a wonderful new year again and good luck in whatever your aims for the year might be! 🙂

♥ Veronica ~x

Last Few Weeks of 2012

The last few weeks of 2012 had been oddly hectic, everything seemed to happen all at once, one after another. I was so free in the previous weeks by comparison. But these few weeks have also been very memorable.

Let’s see, on the 9th i began working a one-week temp job of stuffing and franking envelopes for a private medical practice. My friend asked me to join her in doing this job, and we would be earning 12p per envelope. Every time i recount this story to people, they think it’s an easy job but honestly its one of the most menial things i’ve done! Very monotonous, and we had to handwrite all the addresses onto the envelopes because they decided to ‘save money’ and not order envelopes with windows.  Stuffing large envelopes consisted of including a 2013 calendar with the actual letter and adding a plain piece of paper as ‘backing’, which to be honest i think was such a waste of paper! Not very environmentally friendly at all, and if they didn’t bother with the paper they probably could have bought the windowed envelopes! Stuffing the smaller envelopes was slightly easier, we had to fold the letters to size and add a flat magnet. I know it all sounds really simple, but actually if you factor in writing the addresses on, sealing the letters and stamping/franking the letters it took bloody ages. At the end of the day, we averaged about 500 letters between us. That’s £30 each, for a whole day’s work which didn’t include any proper breaks just a short 10 minutes for lunch and then maybe a quick 5 minute coffee/tea break. We were meant to be working 9-6, but in actuality we stayed til 6:30pm and sometimes 7pm so it works out worse than minimum wage, and we were not getting paid by the hour. We were also expected to post the letters, and we had to take time out to hunt for the nearest post office or post box that had a letter box big enough to fit the letters in. Basically, the take home story from this one week’s experience is that i now appreciate letters more. Behind every letter that comes in through the post – be it a proper letter or just spam mail or what have you – is probably a poor sap like me stuffing the envelopes! Thankfully, we only ended up working for 3 days.

On 12/12/12 at 12:12pm, i was still stuffing envelopes lol, well we took a short break to make tea and coffee but nothing special happened. And after a day of envelope stuffing i met up with a friend from my masters course for dinner. She wanted to borrow my notes, as she has to retake some modules this year. I was really tired but was happy to meet up with her as i know how much she struggles with the course, and really want her to do well. And since she moved to london to be closer to work, i rarely see her now. And she also gave me my first Christmas card and gift of the year 🙂

Then on the 13th was my friend’s 21st birthday. The plan was to surprise her at the restaurant, but we later found out that someone had let something slip so it wasn’t too much of a surprise after all. But nonetheless, it was really fun. I don’t really get to see these friends that often, mainly because when i met them they were all first year university students whilst i just started my masters course. During the year of my course i was so immersed in all the work that i had hardly any time to do social things so i never really initiated plans for meetups, and now that i’ve finished my course, the chances of meeting up seem even less. But i’m glad that from time to time that they still think of me and try to include me in things, hopefully this will stay the same in the coming year. Oh yeah, and there was some drama at the restaurant! A fight broke out between two groups of diners there, one group was there for a wake and another just some kind of party/gathering. No one quite knows what happened, we only saw three people arguing/fighting up the staircase but apparently someone got injured in the car park after the people in the restaurant tried to break it up. At the end of the night, the police wanted to question all the diners to see if anyone saw or heard anything.

And now we move onto the 14th! A day that i won’t be forgetting any time soon! I SAW BIGBANG LIVE IN CONCERT!! Yes, i got to see them live at Wembley Arena! Our seats were soooo good! And i never thought i had it in me, but i turned into a complete utter fangirl. Bigbang’s english is so cute, especially Daesung! I left the concert completely in love with him, his english was just too adorable. And omg, Taeyang my love. Best moment was watching him rip off his shirt haha. Oh yeah and Taeyang had a nosebleed at the beginning, but he just shoved a tissue up his nose and carried on. Bless him, and i love him more now because of his the-show-must-go-on attitude. Okay, i think i’ve fangirled enough in real life so i will now swiftly move on haha.

The next day, i met up with my old uni friends for Christmas dinner. Hadn’t seen most of them for more than half a year, so it was good to finally get the whole group together and just catch up! We’re always missing either one or two of us when we try to meet up, so it was really nice to get to be together before the year came to an end. We didn’t really do anything too special, just Christmas dinner at a bistro and then we went to a dessert place to just hang out and catch up some more. But really what we did wasn’t too important, the main point was to see everyone ^__^.

Finally, the 17th was a day to remember. I met up with my friends from Chinese school, and it was almost a complete group meet-up, but unfortunately someone fell ill. However, it was such a fun day. We had dim sum, then dessert at candy cafe then headed to The Magical ice Kingdom at Winter Wonderland where we managed to take lots of nice photos together. A recent group photo has been long overdue! A couple of people had to leave early, but those of us who stayed went on to try out this ramen bar called Bone Daddies. Definitely recommend going there, and i totally understand why it’s so popular, the bone broth of their ramen is so good and i especially loved the soft boiled eggs that come with the ramen.

On the 18th, i went in for my volunteering session with the children centre. It would be the last session before they took a break for the holiday period, so there was a christmas “party”. Just some festive snacks and things for the parents and children, and christmas craft making. This brings us to the week before Christmas, spent most of the week just trying to get all the Christmas shopping done with my mum, food for actual Christmas day and of course gifts for family and relatives.

On the 22nd, i managed to squeeze in a meet-up with the bestie. I haven’t seen her for half a year as she moved to York to study so it was good to finally see her face. We just had a quick catch up meal and post-apocalypse celebration waffles lol. Then just helped my friend look for a Christmas present for her mum lol.

I guess really when you look at the weeks as a whole, nothing too major had happened. But it was eventful and this entry is just another log for myself to remember what had happened in the last few weeks of the year. If you actually read this entire entry, you have earned yourself a cookie :D.

♥ Veronica ~x