Here’s an update on Veronica’s oh-so-interesting life (!). What’s new? Well, first off, my life as a volunteer has basically grind to a halt.

In a previous post i mentioned that my CRB check for the NAS has come through, well the lady finally got back to me (2 days later than when she said she would). The day she emailed me, she asked if i could go to the group session that was on the next day – a little last minute, but hey i’m unemployed, so of course i’m free! She also told me the details about the training, but i can’t make it due to it clashing with a prior commitment, and the next volunteering session also clashed with my graduation celebration plans. So long story short, i’m not going to be able to start getting some experience of working with Autistic individuals until at least March, when i am back from my holiday.

This wouldn’t be much of a problem, however, when i turned up to volunteer for the children’s group last week i was told my CRB for them had expired. I technically wasn’t meant to be there, but since i turned up they let me go along that day. Finally managed to get hold of the woman who is in charge of CRBs for the council today and dropped by the Civic Centre to fill out the form to renew my CRB. But it will take at least 2 weeks to get back, by when i will be off on my holiday any way.

So now i’m officially not volunteering anywhere. Which means more time for me to do… absolutely nothing.

In other news, today i learned that ‘grinded’ is not actually a word haha. Oh and graduation is exactly one week from today!

Sorry it’s a boring, photo-less post today. But i’m probably the only person who reads this blog anyway XD

♥ Veronica ~x


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