201314 ~

Today is 201314! In Chinese (Mandarin), when you say the numbers together it sounds like 愛你一生一世 which translates into love you forever! Cute right? So i am dedicating this post to all my beloved family and friends.

So despite my enthusiasm for the new year bringing a brand new beginning, this first week of 2013 has been going relatively slow for me. I haven’t really done anything since the 1st, but things will be picking up for me in the next few days/next week. The children’s group i volunteer for will be open again after closing for the festive break, and a few weeks back i applied to volunteer for the National Autistic Society. I’m rather keen to start volunteering for the NAS, as one of my interests lie in atypical development and the NAS offer to train you beforehand on how to work with people who are Autistic. My CRB check has come back, and the lady said that she will be emailing me details come Monday, i really can’t wait to get some actual experience of working with people who have ASD.

Back in December, i bought myself a 2013 diary planner. I was already feeling optimistic about the new year back then, and can’t wait to fill up the pages with ‘appointments’! Be it social, work, or volunteering, i just want to be active and doing things this year. Really hoping to find a job soon, job seeking is really tedious. And i need a way of funding my love of shopping! He he~

Lookie how cute my planner is xD
Lookie how cute my planner is xD
Back of the diary ^^
Back of the diary ^^

In other news, i hired my graduation gown online last night. It set me back £44! But nevertheless, i’m looking forward to officially calling myself a Master of Science! And also seeing my international student friends again! 🙂 This time round i really want a graduation plushie, but not sure if getting one for myself will be deemed as a little sad lol.

♥ Veronica ~x


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