Full circle… ish

I was looking through my past entries, and it doesn’t seem so long ago that i was feeling really lost about life, but it has been a whole year now. Since that entry i had applied to study a Masters in Child Psychology, and i’m nearly finished with the second term! How time really flies. To be honest, i’m still not too sure what i want to do, but at least my life has some sort of direction now. It’s that time of the year where i should really be looking into possible jobs and start applying for things, but i don’t even know where to begin! Unfortunately, my mind can’t focus past the assignments that i need to do now.

I feel like my whole Easter break has been a waste. I get two weeks of Easter, and then a reading week before i go back to having lectures. But this is already the middle of the second week of my Easter break, and i’ve only been out about 3 times, once to the cinema to see Hunger Games, then to a BBQ, and then dinner and drinks with friends in central. I haven’t done any work, so i really don’t know where all my time went! Though i was kind of unwell for about 5 days, and i spent most of those days just watching TV lol. But i can’t help but feel i have nothing to show for my Easter. It feels so weird, and to top it off, i actually have quite a bit of work to do >.<.

A stats test, a lab report, an essay, and revision to get done. Should probably end this post and start my work! lol. Wish me luck!

♥ Veronica ~x


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