It’s time…

Can’t believe it’s already March 1st. Christmas didn’t even seem that long ago. The past couple of months have really zoomed by.

Last Thursday was my last day of work at the Strokes and Parkinson’s group, and so now i have to start job hunting again. I guess i’ve bummed around long enough and it’s time to start looking for jobs more seriously. I’m still lost as to what i want to do, but i guess i’ll never truly know what i want to do in life unless i get out there and start experiencing working life.

A part of me is not ready to let go… not ready to grow up, but i know deep inside it’s time for change. Time to make that leap and take the very first step of building my own life. I just wish i could just hold on a little longer, but i know that i would never be ready even if i had all the time in the world. I’m really not one for change. But i know things can’t stay the same forever.

My feelings are in fact rather conflicting, a part of me wishes for something new. I’m ready for changes, yet i’m also childishly holding on, maybe because of familiarity and comfort. But it’s time, i know it’s time and i would be a fool to squander away my youth on only wishing and never acting on my thoughts. It’s time. I know it’s time.

The only problem is that it seems i’ve reached an impasse with myself, i have no idea what my direction is. I’m truly lost, even though everything has been narrowed down to two choices: work or  postgrad study. How can there not be more possibilities to choose from? Most of my friends have already made their decision between the two, and now i’m one of the few who are left.

It’s time to decide.

♥ Veronica ~x


2 thoughts on “It’s time…

  1. You can do it! 🙂 Just keep faith in yourself! I’m having sort of the same troubles too… It’s just that I don’t know where to focus sooner or later. And I have to make a choice… I still don’t know my exact forte. So there.. ahaha! You’re not alone in your thoughts there! But you can do it!

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