18th June 2010

The 18th of June 2010 was a bit of a wonderful day.

My friend Sue from uni who was ill the week before and therefore could not attend my birthday had decided to make it up to me. Tina offered to make dinner for us at her place in Camden. Coincidentally, the 18th of June 2010 also happens to be the same date as my chinese birth date (五月初七) this year. So as it turned out, we were actually celebrating my birthday.

It was really great to catch up with everyone, because even though Vicky and Tina were both at my birthday the week before, we didn’t really have the chance to catch up properly. It was so nice to just sit down and chat about everything and anything – it seems like we never have topics that are off-limit. I laughed so much that night. It was a shame that we only met up for about 3 hours though, i was over an hour late due to transport and what not and then we all had to head home early since Camden was pretty far far from home for all of us. A longer catch-up is much needed.

Another reason that makes the 18th of June 2010 a memorable day is because my university results were out that day. I got home that night and nervously went online to check my results, and was overjoyed to find out that I’ve graduated with a Second Class (Upper Division) Honours degree! I got a 2:1! *heart attack over*!

Out of fear that i would get a bad result (with very legitimate reasons in believing so) i decided not to check it during the day because i didn’t want to spoil my mood before meeting up with my friends. But as it turns out all the worry was for nothing because i graduated with  a 2:1! I should have just checked it during the day and the mood would probably have been even better when i was out with my friends. I was so happy beyond words!

Oh… and 18th of June was also Ella from S.H.E’s birthday haha… yes i’m a crazy fangirl at the moment. So sue me xD.

♥ Veronica ~x


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