Last lecture E-V-E-R!

Woop woop, had my last lecture ever today! [Well, last lecture for now anyways since i do plan to go for postgrad studies lol xD].

But yeah like i said previously, need to start focusing on revision now D:, i just have to stick it out for another month and it will all be over! Really can’t wait until summer when i can actually go out guilt-free. Went out to a kpop clubbing event on Saturday actually, and it was so good! It was such a good night out and i didn’t regret going one bit. I suppose if i didn’t go out i could have finished my dissertation sooner, but at the moment i was just like “eh, what the heck”. LOL. But to be honest i probably wouldn’t have done much work even if i stayed in that night anyways since i just handed in a second draft by email that day and felt like i physically couldn’t do any more work. I really recommend people try out kpop clubbing, but it may only be good if you enjoy kpop but my indian friend who came with us had a good time too, though my friend makes her listen to kpop sometimes haha, she got so excited when Wedding Dress by Taeyang ♥ started playing.

Anyways had another lazy night/afternoon today, though i kinda planned to start revision it kinda didn’t happen =\. Basically i was gonna take a nap so that i would be refreshed to do revision, but after 3 hours lying in bed i was STILL awake. I blame it on the mocha i had before, but it’s kinda strange cos caffeine usually doesn’t affect me. But anyways, i’ve been feeling groggy all day because i want to sleep but my body wont let me, so basically i’ve kinda achieved nothing work wise. But tomorrow i shall try get an early start on it! I really actually have no choice so *fingers crossed* i get SOMETHING done… =\.

On a different note, i’m getting more and more addicted to 90210! I must admit when the first season started it was good in a tacky-ish way, but now it’s getting a lot better. I’m not too sure about all these random new characters they’re adding in, though i must say that Jasper makes things a lot more interesting. But really not sure about this whole Gia thing (i have nothing against Rumer Willis aka Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s daughter, but she kinda can’t act…), and not too sure about Lila either, but its a nice change to see someone who isn’t stick thin in one of these teen dramas. Heard that Liam and Annie are gonna get together, so just gonna see how that’s gonna play out haha.

I actually watch too many series for my own good, but i’m sure i’ll be able to squeeze in some time for revision =P.

♥ Veronica ~x


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