Goodbye Dissertation

The title says it all really. Oh yeah if anyone actually cares, there’s a new blog entry before this one. I wrote it last week but forgot to publish it, it’s about the weekend before last (aka Mother’s day weekend).

YES, GOODBYE DISSERTATION! (but saying hello to revision >.<)

I handed in my dissertation today but oddly enough, though i say i’m relieved i don’t actually feel the relief. Been talking to a couple of my flatmates and they all kinda feel the same, i think it’s because of the impending exams which are only a month away!

It would have been over sooner as i actually completed my dissertation on tuesday but due to time constraints i couldn’t hand it in. Basically had a 9am revision lecture which finished at 10:30am, and i went back to my room to double check everything then i had to sort out the appendices which took forever to do! But when i got back to my room, my usb actually screwed me over! I put in my usb and my dissertation was not there! Thank god i had put a copy onto my portable hard drive, on my laptop and sent a copy to my own email, otherwise i would actually have cried!

Anyways, I had to include my 11 pages long ethics expedited review checklist in both copies, so i had to go photocopy that. Also had the informed consent and debriefing forms, then all the materials i used during the experiment like the protocol sheet and the randomised conditions list. After all that, i also needed to include a print out of my spss output which was another 13 pages. My dissertation itself was about 50+ pages, and since i needed double copies of everything i had to print out around 170 pages of things in the end, which you can imagine took a lifetime!  After that i had to go and get it bound by the Brunel Press Room, but by the time i was done it was around 1.30pm, and the print room is closed from 1-2pm so i though i might as well have lunch first. So after 2pm i headed over to the print room and surprisingly the wait wasn’t too long, got everything done by 20 past the hour. BUT i couldn’t hand it in just yet, because i was required to hand in a copy on CD as well, so went back to try and sort it out. So i was scanning my appendices to put them onto the CD when Silvan called me to tell me that his copies of the SPSS output were corrupt and needed me to give them to him again. So i quickly went to the office to sort it all out, and to check if my copies were functional ones since i think it would look really dodgy if i handed in a CD with corrupt files – even if i didn’t know they were corrupt. Ended up wasting about an hour and a half in the office just talking about random things and trying to fiddle with the spss output, and by the time i sorted out the copies i needed to burn onto the CD, the office was closing! So i had no choice but to hand it in today.

I nearly missed the deadline today though, 😐 cos i was so tired last night i forgot to set my alarm before falling asleep and woke up at 12:30! Thank goodness the deadline was at 3pm, so i quickly gathered myself together and went to hand it in. I couldn’t believe that of all days i forget to set an alarm for it was today, but at least my body had the sense to wake me up! lol.

Didn’t really feel like doing work after i handed everything in and just had a really lazy afternoon lounging around my room and blasting my music, which was something i hadn’t done in a very long time. It was such a nice feeling, it was so sunny today and the sun was still out around 4pm. I had my window open with the curtains drawn fully back, and just the right amount of breeze and sunshine came through. I lied on my bed feeling so relaxed. It felt like such a rare and precious moment, it’s kinda hard to describe, but basically it felt so good after having been working on my disseration literally 24/7 for the past few months to be able to just relax and do absolutely nothing.

Sandra called me up after i told her i handed my dissertation in and suggested we go for dinner and drinks later on. I just got back not too long ago actually, and i had such a lovely night ^__^. It was the first time that me and Sandra hung out just the two of us, so it was kinda a nice change, so much talking and laughing the whole night. It was nice to get to know her better cos usually it’s hard to really get to know someone when you’re always hanging out in a group, we might be getting to know each other a bit late during the year but better late than never right? Found out that she actually lives really near Kingston, so definitely makes meeting up after uni finishes a lot easier!

But i have to keep reminding myself that it’s not quite over yet, need to start focusing on revising for exams now. Eeek! >.<

♥ Veronica ~x


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