A Weekend in Wonderland

So this post is actually a few days late but i finally went to see Alice In Wonderland on Saturday. I don’t really know what to make of it, i think in my mind i hyped it up a bit too much, but it’s not like i was disappointed by it – just surprised. I can’t help but think that Disney had a major influence on the outcome of the film, if it wasn’t made under the Disney name i think maybe the reactions to the film would have been even better.

The Hatter/Alice relationship that was hinted felt a little weird to me, though i’m also fascinated by the possibility of it and apparently in the original script they were to share two kisses. Anne Hathaway’s hands were kinda distracting, my friend turned to me and said “She’s so ditzy” and maybe that’s the way the White Queen was meant to be portrayed, a stereotype of all that’s “good” (as in the whole hands-in-the-air-gliding-along-instead-of walking sorta thing.) Though i also felt it had a darker undertone that represented how the White Queen was unwilling to get her hands dirty – and i actually sensed that she wasn’t as “good” as she appeared.

Other than that, i thought Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat was marvelous! And enjoyed Alan Rickman aka SEVERUS as the blue caterpillar! Though i’m kinda surprised that the blue caterpillar didn’t have a bigger role. Also i think i may go and read Alice Through The Looking Glass when i get the time since the film was a mixture of the two books, i remember i started reading it about a good 6/7 years ago but i never got around to finishing it, it may bring some elements of the film together for me.

Anyways that Saturday was a much needed day off with a good friend of mine, after the film we sat in Starbucks for 2 hours just chatting away about the most random things. I really love how with some friends – even if you haven’t seen each other for a while – the conversation comes so easily. The conversation never goes into awkward dips of silence, everything is just as it was, it’s like you’ve never been apart from one another. On the other hand, there’s some people where no matter how often you may see them or have known them for, the conversation can run dry very quickly. Things are kinda weird like that. But as fun as my day out was, it had to come to an end since we both had a ton of work to do and we left just before 7.

The next day was Mother’s Day so when i got home on Saturday i started to bake a cake for my mum since i didn’t have time to do any shopping because of my dissertation. But i think the cake was probably more thoughtful than anything i could have bought since it would have been a last minute panic buy lol. I did a really good job of hiding the cake and keeping it a surprise, i even skillfully managed to steer away from my mum’s question about what the smell was (i made Devil’s Food Cake, so i think the smell of chocolate and the smell of a cake in general was kinda strong… though i opened all the windows to try and air the house out… clearly that didn’t work lol!). My dad actually got home earlier than i expected and kinda had a mini spaz attack trying to hide the cake since i didn’t want my dad to find out about the cake and spoil the surprise lol. I managed to hide it when he went to take a shower though, and because he came home early i didn’t have the chance to ice it. For some reason my parents seemed to refuse to sleep that night, and i was waiting for them to sleep so that i could ice it lol! My dad finally retreated at 3:30am and i kept asking my mum “Aren’t you tired?”, she finally went upstairs at 4am LOL, so i stayed up til just before 5am trying to put the butter icing on the cake haha. It made a funny anecdote the next day when i gave my mum the cake though.

My dad had Sunday off, so we had a family day on Mother’s Day. Went for lunch in New Malden and had sushi, then later that night we went out for Thai at Kingston Hill. Sunday rolled by rather quickly, and on Monday i was also out all day. My aunt had a day off and came down to visit us, ended up going Yum Cha with my other aunt (so it was me, my mum and her 2 sisters), then we shopped around a bit in Kingston and later ended up going for dinner in the Halfway (near Hersham/Walton) at a Spanish restaurant.

During the weekend i felt like i was in a bit of a wonderland myself, i was able to forget about all my work momentarily. It’s been ages since i’ve actually gone out and done anything, the dissertation kinda turned me into a hermit. I did do a bit of work over the weekend, but not a lot. And though i did feel guilty about not doing much work, i also felt like i deserved some time off and even though i undoubtedly regretted enjoying my weekend so much in the days to follow, i still think it was worth it.

♥ Veronica ~x


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