So been home over the weekend, i spent most of it playing on my wii with my parents lol. We’re so crazy cos we can play on it for hours on end! My dad still has holiday leave until the 16th which is why he’s so free to play on the wii with me if you were wondering lol. I think it still because of how novel the wii is to us, the first time we played together we spent around 5 hours just playing Wii Bowling lol! Now we’ve started playing Tennis together as well and my mum is so hilarious when she plays, she thinks she’s playing the real thing and stands up and moves around the room lol! But yeah i guess the novelty of it may wear off soon, though if we get some new games we’d probably still play for ages hehe.

Anyways other than playing with the Wii we went yum cha on saturday morning/afternoon. It was still really icy that day but there was still quite alot of people there, and i saw some teachers from the chinese school i used to go to. I’m guessing chinese school was cancelled and that was why they were so free to go yum cha. It also happened to be the headteacher’s birthday and the other teachers arranged for “sau bau” to be brought out. It was nice until the tachers got very loud in their conversation and everyone could overhear their weird conversation topics – which were really off putting if you keep in mind that we were eating! I found it really irritating after a while, and my table was right next to theirs so there was like no escape D: and to make matters worse they were STILL there even when we were leaving.

But yeah, it’s been a lovely relaxing weekend at home. I brought my books back to do some work but i haven’t touched them, i’ve got wednesday, thursday and friday practically free though so will probably do my work then. I’m kinda disappointed it didn’t snow today as they predicted but i’m also kinda glad since i really don’t want to be snowed in and not be able to make it for tuesday’s lectures since all my lectures are on that day and rescheduling them will probably be a b*itch.

Well the weekend is now officially over. A new week means a new start and i’m gonna try my best to cut down my procrastination! Wish me luck! =P

♥ Veronica ~x


One thought on “Wii-ing

  1. Hey there! I *do* remember a Crystal @ Between-Days! Nice to hear from you again. =)

    Wow, I thought my family was really into the Wii when we first got it, but your family wins in the enthusiasm category! lol. If you don’t have it already, I suggest Wii Fit Plus. Fun fun!

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