Grr. Today my replacement lecture seminar was cancelled yet AGAIN!

The reason? “Bad traveling conditions” because of the snow, AGAIN.

I really don’t accept this as a reason for my lecturer to not turn up, the first time around i could accept it because the snow was actually really heavy and it would have been dangerous for him to come in, but this time i think he’s just being a lazy fuck.

The conditions were fine today. The roads were gritted and fine to travel on, and the trains/underground have been in good working condition since Thursday, so really no matter how he travels in from south london, there really was no excuse for him not to turn up.

As the lecture seminar was cancelled again, the essay deadline has been pushed back yet again. I suppose i should be happy about it but it’s just pissing me off, i just want to get the damn thing out of the way. I’m meant to be done with this module already and now its just lingering because a new lecture date and deadline has not been announced yet. I really cannot afford to be wasting my time with this essay anymore, i need to get my dissertation draft done for the first week of February and i’d rather focus on that.

This whole week has just been a waste of time. I should have just gone home after my 6pm lecture on Tuesday. But anyways my dad came to pick me up after i told him my lecture was cancelled (and that’s how i KNOW the roads were fine to travel on).

But at least at home i feel less like a zombie because back on campus i’m just refined to my room since there’s not much to do in this kind of weather.

Really am glad to be home.

♥ Veronica ~x


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