Snowed in

It started snowing last night and everyone got what they hoped for this morning – schools were closed. However i did not enjoy being “snowed-in” as technically i was not snowed in.

The plan today was to go to the lab at 12 to test a baby, so i thought i could have a lie-in, but i got a call at 8.30am from my supervisors [who are husband and wife] and told me they were not coming in since they were stuck in the snow and that they would just work from home. The two other people i work with also couldn’t come in because of tranpsort/unsafe conditions to drive in. I’m the only one who lives on campus, its a damn curse! I had to go into the office to sort everything out – call up the mothers booked in for today  and reschedule them then call up more mothers and book them in. I actually spent 3 hours in the office all by myself, it took THAT long to just reschedule things and book mothers in.


Gahh this dissertation is getting really tedious and we have literally no data, well close enough to no data anyways. Time is not on my side, i need 30 babies and my draft is due in for the beginning of next month. Plus i still yet have to start this essay that was orignally due for next week, but due to the snow 2 weeks ago the essay seminar was cancelled and the deadline was pushed back, the replacement lecture is this Friday. I really hope its not cancelled again >.<.

♥ Veronica ~x


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