Cousin’s 21st Birthday

My cousin Andy reached the milestone age of 21 on the 29th of Dec.

He’s only half a year older than me, so i take comfort in knowing that he will always reach the milestones first! LOL. But it reminds me that adulthood is creeping up on all of us (as in me and my cousins), i will turn 21 in June and then my twin cousins will be turning 21 a month after in July! Its scary to think about becoming an adult officially, its like in a blink of an eye we’ve all grown up so much, it feels like only yesterday that we were playing make-believe, ‘camping out’ in tents in the living room, running around, hiding in wardrobes, having bb gun wars, riding out bikes to the park etc.

I still feel like such a child, but with the new year creeping upon us i feel like maybe i should start thinking about my responsibilities? It’s like i’ve managed to live the first 20 years of my life unscathed by any real responsibilities. I think it will be scary when the day comes, it must be like stepping into a new land or something but i’m sure i’ll be able to cope, i hope so anyways.

But yeah, my cousin turned 21 and my aunt hosted a hot pot party at their takeaway, everyone on the maternal side was there. It was a fun occasion and at the end my aunt broke out a massive bottle of cava, some of the parents got a bit tipsy and there was a lot of laughter. I just love family gatherings like this, its so warm and full of laughter. Actually i think i’m a really family-orientated person. Sometimes i think it actually beats being with friends, but that might just be due to the fact that so many people have let me down.

But yeah at the end of the night as i was leaving, my little cousin hugged me goodbye, she thought she wasn’t going to see me again the next few days since she was leaving to go back to Malaysia on the 31st and started to burst into tears. It was so sweet. but she actually cries all the time at these kind of situations lol, so sometimes it seems like she’s just a little bit too over-emotional, and it’s kinda amazing how she can turn on the tears instantaneously, it’s like the chinese phrase 唔做戲真係嘥哂呀! lol

♥ Veronica ~x


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