Xmas Shopping~

I guess today kinda meant that xmas holidays officially began. I finally got a much needed lie-in, though i did wake up briefly at 11.30 and forced myself back to sleep hehe.

Campus was calm today, though there were still quite a few people roaming about. I guess either alcohol-induced bed rest kept them inside or the cold, snowy outside kept them from going out of their halls. But i needed to go to town and do some much needed last minute christmas presents, and needless to say the town was packed with hundreds of people who were also last minute shopping.

Minus the downside of crowds though, my shopping trip was a rather successful one, i did almost all of my gift shopping, apart from 2 more which i still need to get. Hopefully i will be able to get them tomorrow or on monday. I hope they will still be available in the shops cos i already have a rough idea what i’m going to buy. Thats the thing with me, i sorta plan my gifts so it takes me bloody long to buy things, i see things and ruminate about them, thinking whether it would be of any use to the person and whether they would like it. I like getting things for people that are practical – i.e. that they will use it. Though i must admit sometimes i don’t really put much thought into it, but thats only for the friends who seem to get me the most random things that i will never use, its like “gee clearly you put SO much thought into the gift”. It’s like when people say “oh its the thought that counts” YES what you get in the end doesn’t really matter, but it’d also be nice to know that you actually put some little THOUGHT into it.

Or is it because i care a bit too much? meh..

I mean its not just xmas gifts i’m talking about, its the whole gift-giving thing in general. Either put some thought into my gift or just give me the money to buy it myself. My worst gifts to date have been an xmas gift which was a FREE diary that came with Elle Magazine. Atleast give me the magazine y’know? And also a Ricky Gervais DVD, i mean wtf?  Clearly this “good friend” doesn’t know me at all, out of all the comdeians out there Ricky Gervais does not rank high on my fave comedians list. Gah i guess it really is the thought that counts, but seriously sometimes its just like i seem to know people better than they know me, its frustrating.

[/rant over]

Onto a happier note, i will be seeing my friends Tina and Sue tomorrow. So i’m gonna go catch some zzz’s.

♥ Veronica ~x


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