It truly has been a long day. Woke up at 8am this morning to go to Oak Farm School for more recruiting. Bus was late, so didn’t even get there until 9.45am, actually met my colleague Silvan on the bus haha, so yeah we were both late. It was a slow morning there, well for us anyways, by the time we got there we had missed a lot of the mothers already, but we still managed to get 7 names so i guess it wasn’t too bad. When the session finally ended, we had to ctch the bus again to get back to uni, as we were approaching the gate we saw the bus approaching so we started to walk faster but we realised it had already passed the bus stop, then one of the most hilarious things happened (according to Silvan anyways…) i saw another U2 coming around the corner and shouted out “that one!” whilst pointing at it, then we both ran as fast as we could to the bus stop, now that i type it out it doesn’t seem as funny, but at the time we both burst out into a fit of laughter once we got on the bus lol.

Anyways, we got back and Silvan headed to the lab to put the names into the database and i went back to my halls to eat lunch. Since Silvan had a lecture at 1pm, i said i would go in around 1pm and call up the mothers etc., and asked my other colleague Tarana to go to the afternoon session at the health centre. I ended up staying in the lab/office for 3 hours just calling up mothers and trying to book them in and also trying to get parking permits. This actually feels like a job without the perks of actual pay. Its just so tiring and unfulfilling, i think its because i mostly resent that our supervisor(s) is making us do all the work for THEIR research grant. They expect us to do everything, but we don’t always have the tools to do so. We would be so much more efficient if they just gave us all the info we need to do things and gave us access to everything. Having to email/contact them for little things is tiring, especially waiting for a reply from them. I really hope things get better soon, like once the experiments start running smoothly etc. cos right now i really don’t feel motivated at all about this dissertation. its just too draining, all this work and its only the beginning of things. I really think i’m coming to the end of my tether, and the fact that i also have to do two essays for the end of term is really stressing me out. Its like i haven’t had proper sleep in the past month. Haii~

Anyways, as i was finishing up in the office, got a call from my mum asking me if i wanted to come home tonight or tomorrow, since tomorrow’s lecture has been cancelled. My original plan was to do some of my essay tonight then get some proper sleep and have a lie-in tomorrow and then work on my essay all day and get picked up at night. But when my mum called, she also mentioned that my grandma and cousin were at our house, visiting my grandma. I ended up deciding to go home tonight, i just felt like i really needed to be home and in my own bed after an exhausting wednesday and thursday, and i felt like i needed to get out of Brunel.

So after finishing up i quickly popped into the campus store to get a few things, then headed back to my room and quickly vacuumed the floor then washed my hair and packed my stuff ready to go home. When my mum got here, my grandma and cousin came with her and we decided to go eat dinner at Nandos. It was a nice end to an otherwise extremely draining day.

♥ Veronica ~x


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