Its been a sucky day

So my mood seems to be perpetually spiraling in a downwards fashion. Little things just keep building up, and im so tired of it all.

Today i finally got an email from my 2nd dissertation supervisor and the response was really less than satisfactory. I also went to see my main supervisor to look over my ethics application, she basically said that i didnt do it right or have enough detail and was really unhelpful. This whole dissertation is really stressing me out and it hasn’t even really begun yet.

Of course it would be stupid to be upset over two such trivial matters, but i think its just added fuel to my unhappy mood lately. I really don’t know what it is. I’m still affected by something that happened nearly a whole year ago and i wont be ale to readily get rid of these demons in my head until i leave Brunel. Its just under a year until i graduate, and while on one hand i can’t wish for it to come any sooner, i also dread the journey ahead between now and graduation. With the added workload it seems like such a long journey, and if this was September last year it wouldn’t seem that bad to me since i knew that i would have friends to be there and take my mind off things, even if it was for a while. But so much has changed in the last year, i’ve come to realise who my real friends are and it saddens me that my real friends are spread all over the country in different unis, or have graduated from Brunel already.

I feel like i’m all alone this year, and its not a good feeling. I guess i’m already living out my greatest fear.

♥ Veronica ~x


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